Only IPv6 has the Backbone to Carry the IoT

Richard Jimmerson, Chief Information Officer, ARIN

Powering Connected Car Innovations with Cloud

Sanjay Ravi, Sr. Director-Worldwide Manufacturing, Microsoft

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Ken Kauppila, CIO, Merchants Fleet Management

The CIO Imperative: Connect and Collaborate to Drive the Future of Automotive

The CIO Imperative: Connect and...

John Whinham, VP & GM-Automotive, HP Enterprise Services

To Improve ROI on Digital Transformation: Doctrines of Successful Implementation

To Improve ROI on Digital...

Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman, Principal, HCL

The 'New Style of IT' Decides the Race for the Connected Car

The 'New Style of IT' Decides the Race...

Joachim Klink, Director, Automotive Industry Architect & PLM/MES Offering Manager, HP...

Globetouch: Global Connectivity solution for Mobile and IoT Devices

Globetouch: Global Connectivity...

Riccardo Di Blasio, CEO,Globetouch

Unlocking the Value of Connected Cars

Unlocking the Value of Connected Cars

Elliot Garbus, VP-IoT Solutions Group & GM-Automotive Solutions Division, Intel

Technology Driving the Future of Automotive Innovation

Technology Driving the Future of...

Kelly Knepley, VP Global IT, Maxion Wheels

Elastic M2M: Broadening the IoT/Telematics Game in Automotives

Elastic M2M: Broadening the...

Terry Prime, President & CEO,Elastic M2M