Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 13,2020

Feature of the Week

When used for business continuity planning, AI has the potential to change critical processes for the better.  Read more
Chatbots can enhance the efficiency of wealth management firms while significantly improving the client and customer experience.  Read more
High-quality software solutions can help businesses scale by making them realize the unexplored potential in the digital world.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Scott Carl, CIO, Parsons Corporation  
Traditionally, information technology (IT)/business alignment has focused on governing IT project priorities from a list of business demands, often with IT working within a limited budget and with limited resources.  Read more
By Andrew Brock, Executive Vice President and CIO, Associa  
Technologists need to understand that the market has changed, and the legacy model of standardizing every process or tool to make it easier and cheaper to support, is the wrong approach to meeting today’s customer expectations.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Gavin Finn, President & CEO  
Kaon Interactive is a software company that provides high-velocity marketing platform, helping businesses to increase sales productivity and reduce marketing costs. The company’s 3D interactive sales and marketing applications simplify complex...  Read more
By Justin Wilkerson, Founder and CIO  
Inline Data Systems is a multi-tier marketing platform that uses a powerful CRM for vehicle service contracts sales fulfillment. The company is a B2B company specializing in deep data insight and key integrations with a mission to provide clients...  Read more
By Rita Brunk, Executive Vice PresidentScott F. Upp Jr., President & CEO, Stan Scott, Vice President & David Teran, Vice President  
The mission of CoSourcing Partners for its clients is to come in, teach them 'how to fish' and get out. The company provides its clients with the 'street-smarts' of the RPA field. It shows its clients how to write RPA programs and reuse codes in...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Karl Rosenblum, Head of Global Capacity and Risk Strategy, Alcon  
This is an exciting time for the manufacturing industry. It’s tempting to think of the future as far off. But, actually it is already here, 'it’s just unevenly distributed.  Read more
By Vivek Thakral, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Leader, GE  
Robotic process automation (RPA) framework equips you with the skills to develop software robots (bots) to automate the business process and tasks.  Read more