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September 20, 2018

CIOApplications Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Real estate decisions are entirely based on visual cues. Potential buyers can inspect the entire property with visuals on the ground level, the sides, and the roof with the use of a drone.
AI can find its application in the various phases of discovery and development of drugs, ranging from synthesizing and designing drugs organically to molecular design automation.
As more businesses integrate SaaS applications, APIs, blockchain and cloud technologies, many DevOps teams look to API-based integration to enable communication between platforms and applications.
Featured Vendors
Offers integrated drone services and a nationwide pilot network that enables companies to strategize and deploy effective drone-based initiatives from start to finish.
Provides GPS fleet and mobile workforce management solutions to customers throughout virtually every industry.
HED’s CANect® telematics portfolio allows clients to create a complete telematics strategy that suits their customer base, all customized to their application.
CIO Viewpoint
Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation [NASDAQ:VC]
The use of AI in digital transformation is all about doing different things and doing things differently.
Douglas Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group
Through virtualization of hardware, software, and services we can drastically simplify how we interact with our systems.
CXO Insights
By Jacob and Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurists, Keynote Speakers, Blake Morgan
Brands with the best customer experiences use technology to make customers’ lives easier and better.
By Chris Drake, CTO, Iconectiv
RCS offers rich experiences for business-to-consumer engagement with capabilities are like those of an app but with the simplicity and convenience of SMS messaging.