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April 18, 2019

CIOApplications Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Voice technology in the food and beverage industry has just realized the use of this technology that allows multiple costs like an online transaction to be held.
Gone was a year of IT outages and cyber attacks.
Asset management forms an integral part of an enterprise. By leveraging numerous technologies, engineers have developed advanced asset management software solutions.
Featured Vendors
Cirrus’ solution activates the workforce, empowers businesses and call centers, and informs business leaders to drive exceptional business results and customer experiences.
Provides products and services that connect manufacturing processes using Artificial Intelligence to accelerate plant quality, productivity, and responsiveness.
Offers an end-to-end analytics platform, which empowers data analysts and scientists to break data barriers, deliver insights, and get to the answer faster.
CIO Viewpoint
Arnold Marty Martin, Director of Process Control Technology, Air Liquide
Knowledge capture is going to remain an important topic as the most experienced generation continues to retire. The educational system and the ability to attract the right talent are critical.
Andre Mutovic, CIO, ION Media Networks
Media companies have come a long way in how they make critical business decisions, in the midst of a technology revolution unprecedented in its ability to challenge and change the industry.
CXO Insights
By Gena Lovett, Boeing Vice President of Manufacturing, Safety and Quality, Defense, Space & Security, Boeing
One major digital manufacturing capability that we are rapidly implementing is Production Analytics, which has proven to play a significant role in the way we better equip our employees to perform on a daily basis.
By Shiva Amiri, PhD, Director Research Infrastructure, 23andMe
With the right balance of partnerships with technical leaders and growing in-house capabilities, organizations can benefit from the deployment and use of machine learning to enable new discoveries.