West Coast Distribution: A Boutique Firm Driven by Technology

West Coast Distribution: A Boutique...

Khalid Lemlih, VP- Operations,West Coast Distribution

High Tech Approach to Solve Complex Projects in Supply Chain

Maike Sievers, Director of Logistics Planning, Sales and Marketing, BLG Logistics

PROMATIS: Spearheading Business Process Innovation

Dr. Frank Schoenthaler, Chairman & CEO ,PROMATIS

Matthews International dba Pyramid: A Holistic Approach to Warehouse Automation

Matthews International dba Pyramid: A...

Mukesh Ram, General Manager & Co-Founder, Pyramid,Matthews International dba Pyramid

ScottTech Integrated Solutions: Save Space, Money, and Improve Accuracy

ScottTech Integrated Solutions: Save...

Michael Yezzi, VP Business Development,ScottTech Integrated Solutions

Technology Transforming Manufacturing

Technology Transforming Manufacturing

Matt Meier, VP and CIO – North America, Whirlpool Corporation

Xeenius: Digital Transformation Experts

Xeenius: Digital Transformation Experts

Aparna Badhri, Principal and Co-Founder,Xeenius