Automation Leading the Change in Healthcare

Rick Schooler, VP & CIO, Orlando Health

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Ken Kauppila, CIO, Merchants Fleet Management

IDSolutions: Telehealth Integration Like No Other

Tracy Mills, Founder & President,IDSolutions

Interoptex: The Plug-and-Play Data Integrators

Interoptex: The Plug-and-Play Data...

Seth Hobgood, Principal & CTO,Interoptex

Flexible, Secure and Time-Effective Software Solutions Address the Challenges of the Insurance Industry

Flexible, Secure and Time-Effective...

Andrey Hankevych, Chief Global Strategist, CTO, ELEKS

Finding Talent is a Challenge

Finding Talent is a Challenge

Max Mortensen, CIO, Norwegian American Hospital

The 3 M's and 3 C's of the Edge - Creating New Insights and New Business

The 3 M's and 3 C's of the Edge -...

Tom Bradicich, PhD, VP & GM, Servers, Converged Edge, and IoT Systems, Hewlett Packard...

Strategically Leveraging GIS and Geospatial Data for Growth

Hugo Guerrero, Senior Vice President, Technical Services, Crestwood Midstream Partners LP

Integrating GIS and Data to Improve Service Delivery and Asset Management

Izak Maitin, Director of Information Services, Philadelphia Streets Department

Governments Leveraging Data to Save Lives: How Effective Use of Big Data is Making an Impact

Governments Leveraging Data to Save...

James Collins, CIO, State of Delaware

Mobile Technology, Cloud Services and Geographic Information: Improving the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Work

Mobile Technology, Cloud Services and...

Carol Bothwell, VP & CIO, Catholic Relief Services

Integration and Predictive Analytics: Why We Need to Analyze, Predict, and Act

Integration and Predictive Analytics:...

Joel Hames, Vice President Product, SunGard K-12