Three Trends for Insurance Technology Professionals

Kevin Bingham, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Angeion Group: Advocates of Legal Tech Adoption

Steven Weisbrot, Chief Innovation Officer,Angeion Group

Artificial and Emotional Intelligence: Finding the Perfect Balance for Optimal Claims Outcomes

Artificial and Emotional Intelligence:...

Gia Sawko, VP, Professional Development, Claims Operations, Gallagher Bassett Services

Legacy Modernization in the Age of InsurTech

Legacy Modernization in the Age of...

Brahm Sharma, CIO - Life and Disability Insurance Trust Operations “ / Product...

edjuster: A Vanguard in the Insurtech Sphere

edjuster: A Vanguard in the Insurtech...

Andy Williams, President and CEO,edjuster

Blockchain to turn Insurance into an Enjoyable Activity

Blockchain to turn Insurance into an...

Safan Zaheer, Head of FinTech and Director, Digital Financial Services, KPMG US

All Rise AI

All Rise AI

Natalia Kozyura, Head of Innovation Center, FWD Insurance

Tenacitics: Catalyzing Digitalization in Insurance

Tenacitics: Catalyzing Digitalization...

Nasser K Ghazi, President,Tenacitics

Deriving Competitive Advantage From Data And Analytics

Deriving Competitive Advantage From...

Greg Firestone, Vice President of Data Science., Allstate