DECEMBER 2017CIOAPPLICATIONS.COM2The Easiest Way to Manage ProjectsFrom the Office to the FieldManage your projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device with Fieldwire, the mobile task management platform for construction. Our suite of tools helps your on-site crews get more done while reducing wasted time and money.Fieldwire is free for small teams - try it today!Fast Mobile Plan ViewingTake the most recently updated plans and drawings with you wherever you go.Powerful Task ManagementAssign, track, and verify tasks instantly for everyone on your team.Easy Issue TrackingCapture issues, add annotations, and more using your mobile device.Instant Status ReportsTrack your team's progress with customizable reporting features.Available on iOS, Android and the Webinfo@fieldwire.comSan Francisco, CAOur field staff used to spend over 10 hours a week behind a computer. Now they spend it at the job-site.- Manual Rosas - BIM Coordinator, ShimizuCustomers Love FieldwireUsers saved an average of 5 hours/week95% sign in multiple times a week99% would recommend it to colleaguesEnvironmental Compliance PlatformFEATURESIntegrated Base MapsManages Air Quality MonitorsElectronic Inventory SubmittalComplete AP-42 Calculator LibraryPermit Ticketing SystemA Proven Solution Used by Governments and Regulatory Agencies WorldwideAir Quality Management Information Systemsales@w ebLakes.c omwww.w ebLakes.c om/A QMISIncreases productivitySimplifies accessibility and IT demandsIntegrates legacy systems into a single applicationBENEFITSCAPABILITIESEmissions InventoryAir Dispersion ModelingAmbient Air MonitoringPermitting and ComplianceForecast: Chemistry & DustCMAQ and WRF on Local ServersCMYCMMYCYCMYKamwa3rd_drFTFinal_noBooth.pdf 1 2017-05-16 11:27:11 AM
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