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Omnichannel retail is gradually garnering recog­nition from the retailers as it improves the cus­tomer experience by offering more channels for a product purchase. It allows retailers to build a modern supply chain to cater to changing...

Innovative NTA-based Approach is Here to thwart Cyberattacks
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An innovative NTA-based approach helps cybersecurity solution providers deliver clients with better protection against malicious activities, hence optimizing costs.           FREMONT, CA: Enea has...

Setting a Game Plan for Technology in Healthcare
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Jim Beinlich, Associate Vice President, Penn Medicine

Technology continues to make huge strides in medicine and treatment, changing the way treatments and medical care is delivered in the healthcare sector. Most health systems across the world have begun adopting modernized platforms such...

Edge Computing - Evolution or Revolution?
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Rob Nash-Boulden, Director, Data Centers, Black & Veatch

Unlikely to generate a revolution, Edge computing is a quickly evolving trend. As with most trends, the emergence of Edge is based on a combination of factors. The use cases that are defining Edge indicate interest rather than urgency,...

Benefits of Disaster Recovery in Cloud
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Cloud computing provides quicker recovery times and multi-site accessibility at standard disaster recovery costs. FREMONT, CA- Many organizations have late begun using the public cloud either to host non-critical apps or to store them. Some...

Moving to a Software Defined Framework
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Rathi Murthy, CTO, Gap Inc.

As the shopping experience has evolved, so have the customer’s expectations of the experience they will have each time that they interact with us. They expect fast service, short wait times, an easy way to discover products, and more...

Operationalize Machine Learning
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Zongjie Diao, Director of Product Strategy and Management, Data Center Compute Group, CISCO

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) are no longer viewed as “hype.” More and more companies have started seeing the real value and impact of ML. AI/ ML has become a board level conversation and top priority...

How a Centralized AI Brain can Augment 5G Networks?
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The incorporation of AI and virtualization will enable enhanced management of various telecommunication operations, eliminating much of the latency in the 5G network. FREMONT, CA:  As the demand for 5G rises in the market, the...

3 Ways How Edge Intelligence is Refined With 5G
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The combined forces of edge and 5G present numerable positive use cases and unlocks new areas of the vendors to make extra business profits and shows how the inter-relation will effect changes.  FREMONT, CA: The world of Internet of...

Unearthing Planning Data from Cities
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The planning process of smart cities generates heaps of data containing valuable information, tables, and maps that are utilized in the construction projects. FREMONT, CA – The emergence of new technologies such as artificial...

Cloud Catching Light; SMBs Need to Choose
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FREMONT, CA: Cloud technology has gained attention to an intensity where many virtualization management tools have converted to being cloud-focused. SMBs, which cannot move their data, find themselves in a blind spot with increasing workloads....

VMWare Solutions at Make-A-Wish America
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Bipin Jayaraj, CIO, Make-A-Wish America

Make-A-Wish America continues to transform and modernize its technology platform, as it has over the last couple of years. The organization is moving to a more robust, virtualized, elastic cloud model. This transition was both...

Dynamically Evolving VMware Environments
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Rafi Khan, CIO-Consultant at Riverside Community Care and Senior Consultant, Open Minds

Trends in the VMWare Space New generation technologies that manage smart flash-storage use in datacenters now provide better capacity scale and workload “throttle” capabilities. With mapped design decisions and logic...

VMware's Evolution in the World of Infrastructure
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Carlos Ramos, Director IT Infrastructure, MedAvante

The world of technology today continues to evolve faster than ever and not always in the ways we have figured. It’s hard to believe that VMware almost two decades ago revolutionized the technology industry and the world of...

Taking Steps forward along the VMware journey
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Justin Hooper, VP of Infrastructure Services, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health’s requirements of IT infrastructure are probably very similar to those of companies of any industry and any size. My primary job is to provide infrastructure that is continuously available, high performing and low...

Significance of Cloud Computing for Organizations
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Innovations and the subsequent transformations are astonishingly fast. They carry the potential to disrupt the traditional setup, especially if the structure lacks adaptability. On a positive note, a flexible approach significantly enhances the...

Key Technologies Driving The Stampede to the Cloud
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Mark Bagley, VP, Innovation Scouting, BT

The stampede to cloud is the number one trend in today’s IT landscape. Why finance, buy, install, operate, maintain and protect your own IT infrastructure when you can rent everything? Security concerns about the cloud are...

Evolving Role of Quality Assurance in Today's Enterprise
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Yasar Sulaiman, Director of Quality Assurance, Everest Re Group

The role of Quality Assurance and testing in today’s enterprise technology teams have been evolving with the trends in the industry. Software Quality Assurance and testing can no longer remain a supporting function which is treated...

Advantages of a Hyperscale Data Center
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A data center is the backbone of a business. It ensures that all the data is readily available whenever the company requires it. A standard data center supports hundreds of physical servers and thousands of virtual machines. The data...

To Oracle and Beyond...
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Hiren Desai, Director Technology, Kaiser Permanente

The technology and business landscape of today are changing more rapidly than ever before. Terms such as Chief Customer Officer, Chief Client Officer, Chief Experience Officer were unheard of in yesteryears and were simply known as another...