How XR is Transforming Enterprise
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Hugo Swart, Head of XR, Qualcomm

Qualcomm has always been in the business of inventing breakthrough technologies that transform industries, and this is particularly evident in the XR space. XR (eXtended Reality) is an umbrella term used to encapsulate AR (Augmented...

XR Insights: Practical Uses and Implementation
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Tim Moyer, The Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (DICE) Group, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health, XR Lab

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality: these terms combined are often referred to as extended reality (XR). This technology can be perceived as intimidating to incorporate into business, but it has already been making strides across...

3 AR and VR Contributions to Digital Business Management
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The Adoption of AR and VR can enhance enterprise market value by improving operational ecosystem and effectively address challenges. FREMONT, CA: Businesses leverage Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to raise hundreds of millions...

Enterprise Architecture - Its Relevance and Importance
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Hiren Desai, Director Technology, Kaiser Permanente

Rapidly changing technologies are impacting business models, customer engagement models, development of products and services and overall business expectations. There is no room in this competitive environment for the one to two year...

Latest Tech Advancements Changing the Outlook of Healthcare
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Technology is providing the healthcare industry with opportunities to undertake profoundly meaningful and crucial developments towards better diagnosis, procedures, and services. FREMONT, CA: Technology is helping the healthcare industry to...

Why Businesses Should Start Thinking About AR and VR?
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Reality technologies are already revolutionizing business sphere by offering new ways to demonstrate products and services along with changing the ways companies manage operations, develop prototypes, and train employees. FREMONT, CA:...

Reaching into Every Person's World with Geovision Technologies
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Michael L Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University

For over 50-years Oral Roberts University has given students’ from over 160 different nations around the world three dist inct challenges while earning their degree. 1. ‘Make No Little Plans’ while attending ORU. 2. Graduate...

In-Shop Experiences from Home with Virtual Reality
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VR experiences typically offered through goggles or wearable headgears will transform the in-store shopping experiences. FREMONT, CA: The shopping experience is continuously getting transformed for the shoppers. Major high street shops...

Get Ready for the Interview with Virtual Reality
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VR development can help pupils master different circumstances related to a job interview that might be infuriating. FREMONT, CA: Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most compelling emerging technologies. Whether one is walking through an...

From Imagination to Immersion, Virtual Reality does it All!
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Immersive technology, virtual reality, is changing the way users communicate with content. FREMONT, CA: The field of entertainment is one of VR's most passionate proponents, most noticeably in virtual worlds and games. Media is another...

How is VR Technology affecting Automobile Design?
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The 3D medium of VR technology is proving to be a saving grace for designers as well as engineers.   FREMONT, CA: Often, the innovative designs of futuristic concept cars startle our artistic minds, while the scrutinizing side of the...

Reshaping the Insurance Sector with Emerging Tech Trends
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Dramatic technological changes are reshaping the insurance industry, enabling it to scale beyond typical conventions of expectations. FREMONT, CA: Insurtech is full of realizable hypothetical crystal balls contemplating into the future....

VR Revolutionizing Transport Training
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Among a plethora of technologies, virtual reality (VR) is the primary contender that can alter the safety dynamics of vulnerable transport practices. FREMONT, CA: The transport sector is a safety-critical sector. A slight error can result in...

Now Understand your Treatment with Virtual Reality
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Presenting medical insights with the help of interactive multimedia technologies like VR are increasingly becoming popular tools to supplement in-person education and assessment reports. FREMONT, CA: After a medical procedure or a condition,...

The VR Revolution is Already Here Changing the Gaming Industry!
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VR technology in the gaming arena is creating an exciting world of vivid imagination and dynamic gaming experiences. FREMONT, CA: The concept of virtual reality continues to be fascinating and in the last few years, the VR-driven...

How has Modern Technology Transformed Field Service Management
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The emergence of AI, VR, and IoT has transformed field service management by automating inventory management and simulating accurate training environments. FREMONT, CA: There was a time when artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality...

How is IoT Revamping Field Service Management?
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The advantageous applications of IoT technology have compelled field service managers to undertake this technology in the supply chain. FREMONT, CA: Judging from the skyrocketing technological growth and advancements in unique devices...

A Day in the Future - Tomorrow's Tasks and Reality of a GRC Officer
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Patrick Henz, Head of Governance and Compliance, Primetals Technologies

While thinking about the future of Artificial Intelligence, I imagined what a day in the life of a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Officer might entail. Let’s call her June. Here are my thoughts. As the scheduled...

Key to Success: Virtual Reality Coupled with Collective Leadership Approach
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Technology, like VR, will have a crucial role in bringing about enterprise-wide transformations where the key is to process the skills and characteristics to lead in this ever-changing world of disruptions and changes. FREMONT, CA:  In the...

Walking the Tightrope Between Reality and Simulation in Education
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Jackie Langford, Director of Healthcare Simulation, Collin College

There are certain experiences, like fighting fires, that a person simply cannot learn from reading a book. Learning to rappel Australian style, a face-first experience, from a 100-foot cliff is a high-angle rescue simulation which...