Fitness Industry is Getting Fitter: IoT Hits the Fitness Clubs!
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IoT brings numerous opportunities to the fitness industry. Fitness business owners need to make actionable use of data to become truly smart. FREMONT, CA: Digital convergence is all around, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an...

Technology Enhancing Athlete's Performance
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Technology is reforming athlete's training by live-tracking performances, intensifying communication, improving athletic movements, and virtually reducing injuries. FREMONT, CA: During the conventional period, sports training required...

Industries Reaping Benefits from these Top 4 AR Innovations
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AR experiences can create a roadmap to success for industries in the real world! FREMONT, CA: Latest Augmented Reality frameworks not only enable app developers to leverage digital elements in the real world, bringing fantasy to reality by...

Where does Nanotechnology coincide with sports equipment?
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Nanotechnology in constructing athletic equipments have modified and reshaped the face of sports entirely.   FREMONT, CA: Sports and technology were not often spoken about together, until the emergence of nanotechnology in day-to-day...

CRM Aiding Sports, Defining Smart Champion-Fan Relationships
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The sports industry being instrumental in terms of creating, maintaining and developing strong customer relationships, is now tapping into CRM to reap maximum benefits and possibilities.     FREMONT, CA: Over the last few...

Amusement o'clock with AI
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FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence has been a major part of the media and entertainment industry through sci-fi movies and the ability to provide content creators with engaging innovations in the craft. AI Production: The introduction of AI...

Authentic Casino Experience for Online Gamers!
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FREMONT, CA: The continuous evolution of technology has changed the way we shop, learn, bank and even date. The casino sector is no exception as it has made its impact known in every conceivable industry. The mobile gambling industry alone is said...

The Role of IoT in Sports
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FREMONT, CA: The world of sports has become bigger than the actual game itself. With the advancement in the technological world, the sports industry is bound to adapt to innovations in order to stay afloat in the digital tsunami. The internet of...

BetConstruct is Honored with Malta's iGaming Excellence Awards, 2019
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Vigen Badalyan, Founder & CEO

FREMONT, CA: With affordable yet comprehensive cutting-edge solutions, BetConstruct, one of the leading providers of technology and services for the online and land-based casino industry wins global recognition for its innovative approach to...

Engaging Sporting Experiences with IoT
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Practically the most prominent impact on our daily routines that the Internet of Things is the change in the way we practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Activity trackers and fitness applications have become the coaches and been...

STATS Unveils AutoSTATS Potent of Capturing Tracking Data From any Game
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Sports analytics and data provider STATS has unveiled AutoSTATS, a new service that collects deep layers of team and player data directly from the broadcast video. The capabilities of AI and machine learning to automate tracking with X/Y...

Improving Workplace Productivity with Innovative Employee Engagement Approach
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Employee engagement benefits every workplace greatly. The employees’ level of engagement affects every important aspect including profitability, revenue, customer experience, and the turnover of an organization. Employees who work harder...

The Future of 5G Entertainment
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5G will hit the mainstream market in a few years, but in 2025 it will reach its full potential. The video is the fastest growing type of entertainment genre, and it will grow 45 percent annually right through to 2023. Media and entertainment...

Bringing the Online Gaming and Betting to the Masses
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Warren Steven, Senior Director, Product and Operations - Online Gaming, Landry's

Online gaming and online sports betting in the US are finally converging with today’s brick and mortar casinos. It has been a gradual process, but the technology that advances online platforms are seeing more in-depth integrations...

IoT's Day in the Sun in Sports, Media and Entertainment
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Chris White, SVP of IoT Global Sales and GM of Sports and Enter, Cisco

There’s Never Been a Better Time for the Internet of Things in Sports, Media, and Entertainment Last month at Cisco, we introduced a new worldwide brand campaign entitled, “There’s Never Been a Better Time.” I...

How Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning are Changing Healthcare
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Clinical Research and Data Analytics, ATI Holdings, LLC

From my daily focus on the analytical realm of sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation, I am very interested in and have published on complex systems and nonlinear relationships in hospitals’ functioning and healthcare. With...

Seeding the Cloud for Competitive Advantage
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Kris Holla, Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, Nortek Air Solutions

The Enterprise Strikes Back: How the Cloud has become an Offensive Weapon for the Data Center This winter we had the “bomb cyclone” storm that assaulted the Eastern U.S., driven by intense low pressure and explosive severe...

IT Strategy in Healthcare
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Matthew Sena, M.H.A., CIO, Northern Arizona Healthcare

Today’s healthcare IT strategy is a tree with multiple trunks and many intertwining branches addressing needs of a complex and evolving healthcare landscape. The term “healthcare technology strategy” itself has become...

Teqball: A Hybrid Baby of Soccer and Table Tennis
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FREMONT, CA: Teqball, a hybrid table top game was recently developed by Hungarian natives, Gábor Borsányi and Viktor Huszár by combining Ping-Pong (Table Tennis) and Soccer along with technology. The game can be played by one,...

CORPORATE HEALTH UNLIMITED (CHU): Attaining a Healthier Future
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Laura Clark, Vice President, Health & Wellness Division

Corporate Health Unlimited provides the highest quality of high touch service, fitness center management, and wellness programming to help employees achieve their health and wellness needs. The company has been...