The Enterprise Digital Business Transformation Journey
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Vijay Thatte, Senior Enterprise Architect, Voya Financial

IT Landscape of Enterprise organizations is changing rapidly from On-premise centric to Hybrid model. Significant investments are already made for large IT Transformation initiatives including, Digital Transformations, Legacy...

New SaaS-based Application for Food Safety & Compliance
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Perishable food supply chains are achieving new levels of product and brand assurance with a fresh approach to the core and continuous product temperature monitoring capabilities. FREMONT, CA: A global leader in supply chain assurance and...

Leveraging Google for Sustained Value
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Nick Rockwell, CTO, The New York Times

How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years? We’ve shifted to hosting very close to 100 percent of our infrastructure in the cloud. We prefer SaaS, such as G Suite or Workday, followed by managed, higher...

How Chargebee's New RevOps Features Enhance B2B SaaS Workflows?
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Krish Subramanian, CEO and Co-Founder

The industry-leading subscription management platform optimizes B2B SaaS workflows by adding new capabilities and enhancements to its revenue operation platform.    FREMONT, CA: "Revenue growth for SaaS businesses comes down...

How SaaS-based Application Optimizes Customer Journey
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A modern SaaS-based application is optimizing customer journey helping marketing leaders boost revenue, improving customer experience.  FREMONT, CA: “Modern, insight-driven marketing requires visibility into campaign performance...

Event-Driven Architecture: What New Capabilities are Vendors Offering?
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Chris McNabb, CEO

Service providers are building partnerships to offer cloud-native EDA platforms that have the potential to become the backbone of enterprises in the digital age. FREMONT, CA: Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, and Solace, a company that...

4 Things CIO Should do for Secure Cloud Transformation
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Cloud computing makes an organization more agile and responsive. FREMONT, CA: Cloud Computing has changed the way companies operate. IT rulers must increase their company’s agility, embrace cloud apps and facilities, and handle...

How Innovation Magnifies Club Managers' Profits
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Technology introduces clubs to automation and other smart management features, offering next-generation strategies to amplify club businesses.   FREMONT, CA: In the customer-centric era of businesses, advanced club management software is...

Enterprise Architecture in the Cloud
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Ethan Pack, Director of Enterprise Architecture, TDECU

Organizations of all sizes within every industry are abuzz about “The Cloud.” Questions such as how can this bring more value to our company, can we save money, do we have the necessary talent and skills, and how will this...

Is SAP Conversational AI a Silver Bullet for Optimized Communications?
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New SAP Conversational AI supporting powerful features and capabilities could build, enrich, and improve the performance of chatbots. Here's more to it.    FREMONT, CA: Driving organizational communications, technology holds the...

A New Architecture for a New Age
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David Easthope, SVP, Celent Securities & Investment Group

Digital Transformation of IT Infrastructure Investment and wholesale-oriented banks are transitioning their IT infrastructure to a new architecture based on a new vision: digital. To see where banks are going in the future, we should...

Bolstering the Pace of Innovation in Digital Assurance and Testing with DevOps
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Digital assurance and testing are crucial to staying ahead in the world where performance and user experience are vital, and DevOps is here to sprout innovations, making the process smarter.   FREMONT, CA: Companies are automating IT...

4 Startups making Strides in the Predictive Marketing Industry
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With advanced technologies, startups are rolling out smarter predictive marketing solutions, which are tailored for the present. FREMONT, CA: Every business today aspires to ace the trend and stay ahead in the highly competitive business...

Keeping Pace with Technology
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Judith Flournoy, CIO, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Recent Evolution of the Application Performance Management (APM) Application Management (AM) largely depends on the procurement of the right technology and its optimum maintenance. With rampant technology evolution and the emergence...

Setting a Game Plan for Technology in Healthcare
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Jim Beinlich, Associate Vice President, Penn Medicine

Technology continues to make huge strides in medicine and treatment, changing the way treatments and medical care is delivered in the healthcare sector. Most health systems across the world have begun adopting modernized platforms such...

Nowigence Launches Pluaris to Streamline Sales Operations
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The emergence of ML and NLP has armed sales professionals with relevant intelligence and forecasting capabilities. FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) technology has not only revolutionized the way humans interact with machines but also their...

Ways Different Industries Employ Cloud Computing Solutions
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Cloud computing has defined computer architecture development and expanded the foundational features for digital assets and innovative facilities. FREMONT, CA: Ever imagined why cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, and Google are becoming...

Analyzing Data to Improve The Business
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Trent Miskin, Founder & CGO, Lendio

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2018 and expectations Data analysis at every level of the company. There isn’t one area of a business that can’t be improved by analyzing data better. We have made a concerted...

An AI-Extending Hand for the Europeans
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The hasty expansion of smart meter deployments and IoT technologies across Europe has built a new storage of data and insights on customer energy consumption and Innowatts eUtility helps the companies to use their statistics and translate them...

Riverbed Announces New Aternity Division with Focus on Digital Experience Management
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Digital performance expert, Riverbed, has recently announced an innovative Aternity division for capitalizing on the opportunities for growth with respect to DEM, Digital Experience Management. The division would also include the firm’s...