Digital Wallets-It's About Ecosystems
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Mark Horbal, CIO/CTO, SpringBIG

Digital Wallets and Mobile Payment systems are here to stay. What is not obvious is who will surface as the leader, although we can certainly see who some of the players are. Where there are players, there are also winners and losers,...

Mapping, Strategizing, and Implementing Streamlined Workflows
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Beth Schmidt, Director - Technology, Markel

Workflow can be defined as a sequence of tasks through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. A workflow can be visualized in a diagram or a checklist which helps ensure consistency. Once a workflow has been defined,...

"AI -The Future of Automotive Industry"
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Nitin Sethi, Global IT Director - Business Transformation & Engagement, Visteon Corporation

1. Explain the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and how that helps in shaping the technology in turn? In spite of much recent excitement about AI, and the unlimited potential it carries, there are still some tactical challenges...

Top 6 Things CIOs must know in the Age of Mobile Workforce
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Assets are a vital part of an enterprise’s balance sheet. With effective asset management, businesses are gaining the insights necessary to reduce equipment downtime, decrease labor costs, and lower inventory needs.   FREEMONT,...

Keeping Pace with Technology
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Judith Flournoy, CIO, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Recent Evolution of the Application Performance Management (APM) Application Management (AM) largely depends on the procurement of the right technology and its optimum maintenance. With rampant technology evolution and the emergence...

Population Care Delivery: A New Care Model Innovative Healthcare Organizations
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Sam Basta, MD, MMM, FACP, CPE, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Integration, Sentara Healthcare

Population Care Delivery (PCD) is a new healthcare delivery model taking shape at innovative healthcare organizations. PCD evolved as a response to the ineffectiveness of traditional primary and specialty care delivery models in meeting...

Delivering Critical Field Service for Additive Manufacturing
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Mark Hessinger, VP Global Customer Services, 3D Systems

Several years ago there was a great deal of talk in the Services industry about the desire to have connected machines, and, many companies providing medical equipment led the way in leveraging this technology and capability. Today it has...

The Need to Evolve Business Intelligence Within an Enterprise Setting
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Frederique De Letter, Director Data Intel & Enterprise Information Mgmt, Dominos

The last couple of years we all have experienced a wave of disruption across multiple dimensions, i.e. people, process, data and technology, representing an interesting challenge for organizations to embrace and turn those into an...

Shining Light on Myths Surrounding ML in Hospitality
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Many hotels have unknowingly followed the myths for facts about ML not being as resourceful or it being a bad investment. It has hindered the business and has caused a loss of customers. Myths need to be broken, and reality should be understood,...

Chatbots are Revolutionizing Sales and Marketing!
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AI-Chatbots are transforming sales and marketing, enabling organizations to identify, attract, and convert visitors into leads by enhancing the customer experience. FREMONT, CA: The emergence of chatbots...

An AI-Extending Hand for the Europeans
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The hasty expansion of smart meter deployments and IoT technologies across Europe has built a new storage of data and insights on customer energy consumption and Innowatts eUtility helps the companies to use their statistics and translate them...

IoT Technology is Shaping Businesses for the Future Challenges
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IoT devices record and share data to provide insights into the processes, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make optimal decisions. FREMONT, CA: Data and technology have become a lifeline that is impacting industries as well as everyday...

Artificial Intelligence Digitizing Offshore Oil and Gas
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is knocking on the doors of offshore oil and gas industry with a promising return on investments (ROI). FREMONT, CA: Offshore activities occur in waters of more than half the nations in the world. Wells are...

Things Teacher Consider Before Implementing New Technology
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With new Edtech Tools coming into the education industry, it is essential that teachers put them to use in their instruction. FREMONT, CA: There are new technology tools and applications available to assist teachers and also enhance their...

Maximize your Recruitment ROI with Automation
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Automation streamlines the recruitment process and delivers results in a short span of time, effectively impacting the cost-per-hire. FREMONT, CA: Global talent shortage and the demand for faster hiring processes are two of the many challenges...

Revitalizing Social Media Management Strategies for Celebrities
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It's quite interesting to uncover the deepest essence of all that social media has to offer with a celebrity touch!    FREMONT, CA: In today's era, social media presence is the most significant indicator of social influence...

It is Time For Businesses to Embrace Remote Worker Revolution
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Technology has allowed workplaces to become more flexible and customizable, and forward-thinking companies are jumping on the opportunity provided by the remote worker revolution.   FREMONT, CA: The concept of remote working has been...

Digital Loyalty? Yes, You Heard it Right!
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Dining is an extremely personal affair and loyal customers in this digital era have extensive scope to build a different fan base for their favorite restaurants. Ultimately, the services and feedbacks reflect the company brand as well as the...

Decoding the Next Generation of AI
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Robotic automation helps in interpreting and transmitting data, processing responses, and creating a communication channel with various digital systems. Robotic automation elevates the nature of work through stopping employees from doing...

Ensure Warehouse Management for Greater ROI
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Once warehouse metrics have been applied and transaction data spots have been built up, the establishment of realistic productivity norms for the business becomes much easier. FREMONT, CA: In the fast-paced environment of today, the knowledge...