5 Ways RPA Can Influence Internal Auditing
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RPA can help increase productivity through internal audits, expand risk coverage, and help address the ongoing burden of compliance.  FERMONT, CA: The age of automation is here, with opportunities to integrate advanced technologies into...

RPA Greets Workflows with these 4 Benefits
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Organizations, with the advantage of robotic process automation, are looking to make their workflows smarter with a transition from legacy ways. FERMONT, CA: Businesses are focussing on optimizing workflows, envisioning enhanced operational...

Mapping, Strategizing, and Implementing Streamlined Workflows
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Beth Schmidt, Director - Technology, Markel

Workflow can be defined as a sequence of tasks through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. A workflow can be visualized in a diagram or a checklist which helps ensure consistency. Once a workflow has been defined,...

Increasing Your Bottom Line with Predictive Analytics
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Rich Jolly, VP Analytics & Strategy, Avamere Family of Companies

Iroutinely speak with C-Suite executives who complain of the high cost and limited (or no) business benefit from data scientists. This feedback, along with the daunting task of determining how to get started, might deter even the most...

Insurtech: Promising Breakthroughs Ahead!
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Adoption of technologies can push the development of innovative insurance products and drive efficiency upwards in the insurance industry. FREMONT, CA: The growth and innovation of the insurance industry have opened innumerable possibilities....

Changes for the Better!
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Ever thought of how your current work station might look after 10 years? The fast-evolving technologies hold the ability to completely transform the workplace, and can also change the nature of work that is performed. FREMONT, CA: To...

RPA to the Rescue
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Systems amplified with RPA or any other form of automation will alter the world of business completely software by mechanizing repetitive tasks and manual processes. RPA has a place in nearly every business sector in existence and can help improve...

High-Tech Ways to Innovate Enterprise Working Methodologies
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Tech-savvy businesses and executives are working together to reimagine how technology can deliver improved business value and competitive advantage to the firms. FREMONT, CA: The world is on the verge of a movement driven by the fusion of...

Leveraging Gold by Digitizing ETRM Processes
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FREMONT, CA: As businesses flourish, their need for latest, agile, and cost-effective energy trading risk management (ETRM) solutions increases as well. With the digitization of processes by the forward-looking companies, leveraging from...

Can AI Technology Transform the Workplace?
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FREMONT, CA – Over the last few years, technology has progressed from solving simple calculations to predicting future events. The processing capacity of computers has increased, as well as the speed. The rapid growth of technology has given...

Robotic Process Automation: A New Technological Horizon
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Vivek Thakral, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Leader, GE

Vivek is Digital Technology professional with over 17 years of experience, majority of which is with General Electric company. He partners with business leaders to drive productivity benefits across Cybersecurity, Finance, Supply Chain,...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Use Cases And Risks To Consider
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Christopher Hutchins, Associate Vice President of Healthcare Analytics, Northwell Health

New technologies and solutions generally identified as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are appearing nearly every day it seems. The topic elicits a wide range of responses ranging from fear and skepticism to hopeful enthusiasm and certainly...

AI or RPA: Which can Bring New Business Era?
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The fascinating words of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are making headway across all industrial sectors. Consider that an estimated fifth of companies in many countries has adopted robotic Process...

RPA: Reporting And Disclosure Make the World of Tax Little More Certain
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Artificial Intelligence has been with us for some time now, and tax technology is the norm business process enabling, enhancing efficiencies in critical data integration and acting as a safety net during an interruption of business and...

Don't Automate the Present, Engineer the Future - 5 Ways to Create a Foundation for Effective Process Automation
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Kevin Huggard, Director, Process Automation and Architecture, Kelly Services

Today, the adoption of technology within business practices is being outpaced by the rate new applications are being created. While some developers of legacy industry applications are diligently working to incorporate common features...

AI Evolves Corporate Finance with Automation
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The continuous evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been dramatically impacting corporate models. Corporate professionals are migrating to advanced tech-driven finance computation systems. Transforming the workflows of the corporate...

The World of Robotic Process Automation
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Ananth Krishnan, Director Process Excellence (Digital Transformation), Land O’Lakes Inc.

Robotic Process Automation – the term conjures up images of robots magically doing many human tasks. Robots and process automation are not new to the industrial world. Industrial robots have increased productivity while increasing...

ML in Surveillance and Risk Management Based on Algorithmic Rules
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The financial services industry has always been at a rocket speed when it comes to adopting new technologies. The use of machine - learning has gained momentum throughout the financial services industry, although issues such as data quality...

Look out these essentials for strategically improving supply chain technologies
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From product development to sale, organizations need to pay attention to streamline internal activities for creating an impact on the bottom line of an organization. In this fast-paced digital world, enterprises are in the obsession to...

Does The Digital Enterprise Require Agile Security?
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James M. Kaplan, Partner and Co-leader, McKinsey & Company

There’s a consistent theme in enterprise technology over the past year or two–rapid and dramatic change, both in the rise of the “digital enterprise” and the need for IT to react quickly and innovate aggressively to...