Technology Risk Assessment, not just for the Audit Department
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Timothy M. Grace, Director of Technology Risk Advisory Services, Mueller Prost

The road to protecting your organizations’ information starts with a technology risk assessment that identifies areas to protect and consider public knowledge. State-sponsored hackers, ransomware agents, corporate spies, and...

IT Auditing
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Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD, Director External Consulting and Audit, EFPR Group

Definition Elaborated Almost every training document defines IT Audit as “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology audits...

An Insight into Threats Associated with IoT
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The ever-increasing IoT devices within organizations depict a significant threat from the hackers who are discovering new ways to gain entry into the network. FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most influential technologies in...

Upgrading Cybersecurity Posture with Tech-Enabled Ways
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A ripe cybersecurity strategy can prevent the majority of attacks, detect vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and enables security of strategic business initiatives like digital transformation.  FREMONT, CA: Cyber Security threats...

A Day in the Future - Tomorrow's Tasks and Reality of a GRC Officer
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Patrick Henz, Head of Governance and Compliance, Primetals Technologies

While thinking about the future of Artificial Intelligence, I imagined what a day in the life of a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Officer might entail. Let’s call her June. Here are my thoughts. As the scheduled...

How Predictive Data Is Revolutionizing Preconstruction Planning
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FREMONT, CA: The construction sector is becoming data oriented. Data has become integral, and most of the decisions are taken based on data analysis. Technological advancements have enabled this data boom, and construction companies now have...

All Roads Lead to Risk Assessment
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Christopher R. Barber, EVP & CIO, Commonwealth Business Bank

Historically institutions primarily focused on the detection and protection of possible Information Security breaches. However in today’s environment, defending against possible breaches is no longer enough. With the increase of...

ML in Surveillance and Risk Management Based on Algorithmic Rules
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The financial services industry has always been at a rocket speed when it comes to adopting new technologies. The use of machine - learning has gained momentum throughout the financial services industry, although issues such as data quality...

Risk Management Challenges in Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Banking
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Aruna Joshi, Ex SVP, Model Risk Management, Bank of the West

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), once esoteric topics,are entering main street with full force.The benefits of AI/ML are unparalleled in making processes more economical and efficient. From cancer detection...

How Are the New Technologies Assisting Construction Finance Professionals?
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The construction industry has been the slowest one to adopt new technology, but that’s all changing as entrepreneurs are turning their attention to the needs of the workforce. The ubiquity of modern technologies like IoT, cloud computing, 5G...

Advantages of Human Resource Management Solution
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Today, human resource management system involves the training of staff for best working practices and ethics that ensures errorless functioning of the organization. Usually, an enterprise focuses on building a system that optimizes human resource...

Finding Opportunity in KYC
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Anne Sharkey, SVP Operations, First Internet Bank

KYC regulations revolve around the responsibility of banks to understand their customers and their financial transactions in order to discover and report any illegal or unusual activity regarding money laundering and terrorist financing...

Risk Management Techniques for an Effective Cybersecurity solution
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Data breaches can cause catastrophe for the reputation of an organization. It can subject to loss of business, lawsuits, and a flurry of investigations with insurmountable reputational damage. In addition to adhering with the compliance...

Implementing a Cybersecurity Program - The Journey of True Partnership with IT
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Maurice Edwards, Senior Vice-President Enterprise Risk, Mattress Firm

Over the past seven years, Mattress Firm has been one of the hottest retailers in the world increasing their store count from over 750 stores to over 3,500 stores resulting from both organic growth and acquisitions. As is the case with...

Three Basic Principles of Risk Management and Value Creation
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Prototyping is an element of the product development process. A prototype presents a strong visualization of the model to understand the look and feel of the end product. It helps the team to comprehend better the purpose of designing, what they...

Pharmacovigilance: An Opportunity for Technology Investment for the Future
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Richard Wolf, Executive Director, Pv Operations, Global Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance (GCSP), CSL Behring

Managing a pharmacovigilance and clinical safety management system landscape across a biopharmaceutical company is more complex than it was 15 years ago, and many challenges remain in spite of the software industry’s best efforts to...

Fasoo's Unstructured Data Security Solutions and Enterprise Document Platform on Display at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit
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BETHESDA, Md. -- Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security and content services, announced that it will display its latest unstructured data security and enterprise document platform solutions at the Gartner Security & Risk Management...

Risk Management - A Prerequisite for the New Cyber Age
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One of the most interesting aspects of the risk concept is its inevitable characteristic pertaining to any field be it an entrepreneurial business, banking sector, or a multi-national organization. Risk sidles at every phase and cycle of a...

Leveraging GRC Technology to Improve Security Program
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Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security & Service Operations, Pacific Dental Services

The three tenets of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRC) incorporate information technology in order to manage the numerous operational processes within an organization (Rasmussen, 2018). Governance consists of the culture,...

Increased Cyber Attacks Put Pressure on Risk Managers
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The proliferation of groundbreaking technologies has resulted in the new age of digitalization. But it can also be considered as a double-edged sword, because with the advances in digitalization comes the risks of cyber attacks. A decade ago,...