Innovations Skyrocketing Enterprise Data Recovery
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New enterprise data backup software offers effective capabilities to recover data through backups.        FREMONT, CA: A recognized global enterprise software leader in the management of data across cloud and...

The Future of Delivering Legal Services: An Opportunity for Big Law
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Josias N. Dewey, Innovation Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

The legal industry continues to experience pressure on its traditional business model. These changes have left many firms seeking alternative ways to increase revenue. For some, the solution may be to match their subject matter expertise...

Enterprise Architecture in the Cloud
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Ethan Pack, Director of Enterprise Architecture, TDECU

Organizations of all sizes within every industry are abuzz about “The Cloud.” Questions such as how can this bring more value to our company, can we save money, do we have the necessary talent and skills, and how will this...

A New Architecture for a New Age
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David Easthope, SVP, Celent Securities & Investment Group

Digital Transformation of IT Infrastructure Investment and wholesale-oriented banks are transitioning their IT infrastructure to a new architecture based on a new vision: digital. To see where banks are going in the future, we should...

Setting a Game Plan for Technology in Healthcare
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Jim Beinlich, Associate Vice President, Penn Medicine

Technology continues to make huge strides in medicine and treatment, changing the way treatments and medical care is delivered in the healthcare sector. Most health systems across the world have begun adopting modernized platforms such...

ZeroDown Software Collaborates with Infront to Empower Seamless Cloud Migrations
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Alan Gin, President & CEO

Specialized high availability solutions are essential for organizations seeking to migrate their operations to the cloud without causing significant interruptions. FREMONT, CA: Cloud migration is a challenging prospect for both small businesses...

CloudJumper and IGEL Announce their Partnership towards Future-proofing Today's Cloud-Powered Workspaces
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CloudJumper and IGEL have collaborated to facilitate secure and highly scalable cloud workspaces on any cloud, including AWS, private cloud, Google or Azure. FREMONT, CA: CloudJumper is a Microsoft named Windows Virtual Desktop partner. IGEL...

Microservices Do's And Don'ts
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Michelle Sollicito, Senior Lead Developer, IntegraConnect

A popular method of implementing APIs in .Net Core is through the use of Microservices. Microservices often make it easier to deploy and maintain APIs because each API runs in its own process (easier to scale up and down, easier to...

Talking about Thinking Machines
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Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, IDC

As the market for intelligent applications and the software platforms used to build them has emerged over the last few years, there has been a lot of nomenclature confusion. What should we call these applications and what should we call...

All Rise AI
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Natalia Kozyura, Head of Innovation Center, FWD Insurance

Just like in e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is set to transform the financial industry and enable financial institutions to deliver better, personalized services to customers When I was working on the Xbox game council...

The Three HPC Trends to Watch Out For!
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HPC has always been a priority with the requirement of specialized computing resources and a large budget being the major challenges. FREMONT, CA: Companies have always strived for high-performance computing (HPC), making it one of the most...

APIs and MicroServices for Competitive Advantage
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Kiran Kanetkar, Director - API & Analytics, Petco

Every organization irrespective of their size, has a touchpoint with digital products in this fourth industrial revolution powered by digital technologies. As the smartphone becomes an entry point for most customer journeys all CXO’s...

AI Accelerators are Revolutionizing Edge Computing!
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The integration of software platforms with robust hardware accelerators will enable seamless identification, detection, and classification of data sets at the Edge. FREMONT, CA – Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed into...

Innovative Voice Transcription Start-up Kristalic Raises $2 Million
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The AI-powered product ensures complete user-friendly experience while recording meetings automatically creating usable data. FREMONT, CA:  Kristalic, a San Francisco-based startup raises two million USD as a part of seed round funding for...

Navigating the Maritime Industry with IoT and AI
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IoT-powered platforms and AI will act as the backbone for the upcoming technological transformations in the Maritime Industry. FREMONT, CA: Over the last decade, the maritime industry has undergone massive transformations. Technologies are...

Adopting a Technological Approach for Better Mobility
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Jay Nayak, CIO, Kids II

Organizations are witnessing the growing dependency of customers on innovative technologies to enhance decision-making, gather information and even for trivial tasks such as shopping. Along with the growth in opportunities around mobile...

Make No-Code Chatbots With This DIY Platform!
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Ragav Jagannathan, CEO

Advance enterprise communication with the help of KLoBot's assistive DIY Bot Builder Platform. FREMONT, CA: Want a safe and secure application for an enterprise that assists in building a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) no-code bot to make...

Do not Overlook these Four Blockchain Technology Trends!
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Blockchain-based applications hold tremendous potential to reshape the future of the industry ecosystem. FREMONT, CA: The blockchain technology made its debut in 2009, and ever since, the technological world has experienced an exponential...

VMware Agility and the Value of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Tom Parker, CIO, Avalara

How does a rapidly growing software company located on four continents manage its workforce and project management needs effectively and efficiently? With VMware. No one likes to think about the problem of taxes (remember that old...

VMware's Evolution in the World of Infrastructure
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Carlos Ramos, Director IT Infrastructure, MedAvante

The world of technology today continues to evolve faster than ever and not always in the ways we have figured. It’s hard to believe that VMware almost two decades ago revolutionized the technology industry and the world of...