The Enterprise Digital Business Transformation Journey
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Vijay Thatte, Senior Enterprise Architect, Voya Financial

IT Landscape of Enterprise organizations is changing rapidly from On-premise centric to Hybrid model. Significant investments are already made for large IT Transformation initiatives including, Digital Transformations, Legacy...

First Multi-Jurisdictional Online Library to Annotate Legal Texts in Digital Format
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The first multi-jurisdictional online library of digitized legal texts is enabling the legal, consulting, and regulatory communities to interact and compare legal texts in digital format.       FREMONT,...

Collaboration is Key in The Future of The Legal Arena
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Usama Georges, CIO, San Diego County District Attorney

What are some of the widely prevalent challenges you notice in the Legal Tech landscape? One of the major challenges is validating information (the authenticity of the data) and finding out who did what and when. Because until now we...

AI's Slow Growth in Law Firms
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David Furey, CIO, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) have been all the rage among law firms and the technology companies that specialize in the legal industry. This matches a broader trend of using AI to solve problems in other...

The Future of Delivering Legal Services: An Opportunity for Big Law
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Josias N. Dewey, Innovation Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

The legal industry continues to experience pressure on its traditional business model. These changes have left many firms seeking alternative ways to increase revenue. For some, the solution may be to match their subject matter expertise...

Key Trends in Law Firm FinTech
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Madhav Srinivasan, CFO, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Financial technology is crucial to the smooth functioning of modern law firms. The interplay between finance and technology has always existed, but it has become more complex in recent years. Experience shows CFOs spend a fair proportion...

Technological Essentials for a Competent Law Firm
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FREMONT, CA: The competition among law firms is at an all-time high. The industry has also taken to the new advancements in technology and is making efforts to increase online presence. With numerous law firms on the internet contending to emerge...

AI and Lawyers go Head-To-Head
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FREMONT, CA: The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) has been witnessed since decades on the legal industry starting from the contract review or management of the lawful outcomes to their official researches. AI is a futuristic technology...

AI, UX, and the Future of Legal Technology
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Richard Gordon, Ogletree’s Senior Manager, Knowledge Management Client Solutions

When the average person thinks “law firm” or “legal services,” it is unlikely visions of technology and innovation immediately leap to mind. However, law firms today, especially larger firms, continue to become...

Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Businesses in Three Ways
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Machine learning has enabled entrepreneurs to enhance their business process and learn new and augmented capabilities. FREMONT, CA – Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a vague concept existing in science fiction books and...

Creating a Competitive Edge for Firms
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Carolyn M Jungclas, CPSM, SVP Director- Procurement & Vendor Management, First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

Imagine being able to state with certainty the firm’s corporate position on contract terms and negotiation strategy, structure contracts quickly, and have immediate access to the firm’s contracts from anywhere, at any time. This...

Reasons to Attend to the School's Cybersecurity
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The need of the hour is to keep in check with the organization's cybersecurity as plenty of data might be in danger. FREMONT, CA: There is an ever increasing rise in the attack by hackers and phishers in schools and colleges and hence,...

InfoSec's Purpose, Role, & Relationships
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Dr. Garrett Smiley, CISO, SERCO, Inc.

InfoSec Defined According to SearchSecurity (TechTarget), Information Security (InfoSec) is a set of strategies for managing the processes, tools, and policies necessary to detect, document, and respond to threats against digital and...

Top 5 High-Tech Solutions to Surpass Barriers to Drone Delivery
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The prospects of unmanned drones making instant product deliveries to our doorstep are bright, and the latest tech-driven ideas are on the field to make it happen. FREMONT, CA: The idea of drones delivering packages has been around for some...

Legal Business Gets Modernized by Knowledge Management
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FREMONT, CA: Swift advances in technology, united with an amplified contest and changing client demands, mean that law firms need to attain greater efficiency while innovating service deliverance. Today’s legal services customers want more...

Creating a Repeatable, Flexible and Defensible ESI Plan
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Mark Van De Voorde, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Victaulic

It happens every day. Thousands of employees are using all manner of devices, generating paper documents, communications, and electronically stored information (collectively “ESI”) in over 100 countries, all while making and...

Why do Projects Take so Long (When Information Security is Involved)?
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Sam E. Buhrow, Director of Cyber Incident Management & Forensics, Banner Health

Over the years, I’ve had numerous experiences and swapped stories with colleagues of painful projects that “involved” Information Security. Of course, these weren’t projects lead by Information Security. Instead, at some point,...

Cost-Effective Means for Efficient Employee Engagement
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Every company invests a huge amount of time and money in employee engagement. They wish to keep their employees stress free in order to provide inner happiness and to increase productivity. In order to analyze employee management in the workplace,...

Cybersecurity Awareness for Educational Institutions
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Safeguarding the data and systems is important within any organization, and the same rules apply to the education system due to the sensitive nature of the data handled in educational institutions. All educational institutions hold information on...

From IT Service Management to Corporate Service Management
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Graham K Draughon, President, Blackthorn Cyber Security, LLC. & Advisory CISO, Onemain Holdings, Inc.

IT Service Management is often equated with Help Desk operations. Certainly, support tickets and break-fix can represent a significant number of incidents. A fully featured IT Service Management solution will support provisioning and...