New SaaS-based Application for Food Safety & Compliance
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Perishable food supply chains are achieving new levels of product and brand assurance with a fresh approach to the core and continuous product temperature monitoring capabilities. FREMONT, CA: A global leader in supply chain assurance and...

3 EAM Challenges that IBM Solutions Tackle
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The changing approach towards managing assets in a business organization necessitates comprehensive and meaningful solutions from leading technology providers like IBM. FREMONT, CA: The imprint of changes is clearly visible across industries...

Leveraging Business Intelligence To Improve Business Operations
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Scott Strickland, CIO, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

What is the strategy that you follow at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to tackle the BI challenges? Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel company with 9300 properties. That’s about 940,000 rooms; think of the volume of...

How is Liquid Cooling a Better Alternative for Data Centers?
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As an efficient way of cooling data centers, liquid cooling solutions are addressing the increasing heat issues which have resulted from enhanced processing speeds. FREMONT, CA: With the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence...

Technology The Third Facet Of Guest Experience
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John De Angelis, CIO, The Star Entertainment Group

We know that the creation of a personalised and engaging guest experience is the key to customer loyalty. It’s something we try to master every day – via our hosts, our dealers, and our hotel and restaurant team members. In...

How this New Video Analytics module Detects Anomalies
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A new video analytics module aims at bolstering safety with computer vision technology by detecting violations occurring within an industrial plant environment.    FREMONT, CA: An industrial AI product company centered on...

How can Modern APIs Benefit from AI?
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The ability of AI to draw patterns from the past user interactions and behaviors makes it a great match for the modern APIs. FREMONT, CA: Using Application Programming Interfaces (API) to simplify the applications into smaller...

How Data-Driven Insights Create Drink Sales that Delight
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A bev-top media platform, leveraging big-data, is maximizing beverage sales and consumer engagement, and creating a delightful experience for customers. FREMONT, CA: The world's leading bev-top media company, Ripples, has launched...

IT Roadmap for Oil and Gas CIOs
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Oil and gas companies depend on their CIOs to show them the way forward as the horizon of technology expands, creating opportunities for increased efficiency and revenues in operational management.  FREMONT, CA: New technologies possess...

Event-Driven Architecture: What New Capabilities are Vendors Offering?
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Chris McNabb, CEO

Service providers are building partnerships to offer cloud-native EDA platforms that have the potential to become the backbone of enterprises in the digital age. FREMONT, CA: Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, and Solace, a company that...

3D Printing Requires Wildly Different Thinking
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James MacLennan, SVP & CIO, IDEX Corporation

I’ve been writing a lot about smart, connected products—a.k.a. the Internet of Things (IoT)—but there is another transformative technology change that has my attention. Additive Manufacturing —a.k.a. 3D Printing...

4 Ways Neuromorphic Chips Power Industrial Revolution
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Neuromorphic chips are setting news goals for industries to move towards fruition.      FREMONT, CA: Inspired by the human brain, today, neuromorphic chips are used in various industries. Neuromorphic chips show the emerging...

Applying Blockchain into Logistics Processes
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Companies can make the supply chain safer and enhance the transaction flow with the assistance of Blockchain.  FREMONT, CA: Drastic changes are taking place in the logistics and shipping companies–a metamorphosis that guarantees to...

What Powers Effective Order Management for Online Retailers?
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E-commerce firms are looking for ways to boost the efficiency of order management with technology, as the volume of business rises exponentially. FREMONT, CA: E-commerce companies prioritize customer satisfaction, which can be essentially...

Features of an Effective ERP System
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FREMONT, CA: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are witnessing a gradual shift as enterprises are looking for ERP development in the cloud. ERP system using cloud services will be more efficient as cloud services will make...

IP Intelligence and Valuation in the era of Industry 4.0
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Andreas Iwerbäck, Director of Group IP Intelligence, Innovation & Technology - Husqvarna GroupNadel Phelan, Inc.

We are entering in a new digital era, also called Industry 4.0. All of us are now competing in the digital economy and needs to embrace digital transformation. Any company not realizing that it will risk becoming obsolete or see itself as...

6 Technologies Reinventing Field Service Management
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Field service automation leaves the door open to data collection, agile task management, and increased workforce resilience. FREMONT, CA: It's a regular agenda for field service executives to meet client expectations, harmonize field...

A New Architecture for a New Age
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David Easthope, SVP, Celent Securities & Investment Group

Digital Transformation of IT Infrastructure Investment and wholesale-oriented banks are transitioning their IT infrastructure to a new architecture based on a new vision: digital. To see where banks are going in the future, we should...

Fitness Industry is Getting Fitter: IoT Hits the Fitness Clubs!
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IoT brings numerous opportunities to the fitness industry. Fitness business owners need to make actionable use of data to become truly smart. FREMONT, CA: Digital convergence is all around, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an...

IBM all Set to Revamp Global Food Supply Chain with these 3 Promising Initiatives
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Within the next few years, the world is sure to welcome a smarter, safer, simpler, and efficient food supply chain. Here's how! FREMONT, CA: Within a few years, the earth's population will cross eight billion marks for the first time....