How is GIS Helping Forest Management?
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With forest management becoming an increasingly complex task, GIS is likely to play an increasingly critical role.  FREMONT, CA: The use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has flooded into almost every field, and forestry is no...

How Digital Order Management Systems Bolster Operational Efficiency
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Order management systems are empowering businesses to gain better insights into consumer behavior and shopping habits, and streamline order processing to enhance the customer experience. FREMONT, CA: In a consumer-centric world, when a...

4 Ways How Logistics Analytics Drives Success
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Logistics analytics can be deployed to analyze massive unstructured data gained from multiple phases involved in the supply chain.    FREMONT, CA: Data and analytics are transforming many industries across the verticals, and logistics...

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Omnichannel retail is gradually garnering recog­nition from the retailers as it improves the cus­tomer experience by offering more channels for a product purchase. It allows retailers to build a modern supply chain to cater to changing...

Smart Labels for Smarter Consumption
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FREMONT, CA: Food-borne illnesses have challenged every grower, supplier, and distributor worldwide in the recent past. One of the significant ingredients in fast food and salad bars is let­tuce, and it is making its way into the menu rapidly...

A Health System Moves Toward Paperless
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Tabitha Lieberman, SVP Clinical and Revenue Cycle Applications, Providence St. Joseph Health

We are going paperless! Have you ever heard that proclamation at the start of a new system implementation? As far back as I remember, large systems like Providence St. Joseph Health, have been removing paper—be it with accounting...

Managed Print Solutions and Organizational Efficiency
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Kimberly (Spitzer) Jordan, Manager Print Production & Fullfilment, Pacific Life

What would be the key message that you would like to convey to our readers about managed print solutions? I’d like to mention that managed print solution is a vast subject. As I work in the e-division of Pacific Life retirement...

Modern Infrastructure to Move Forward
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Allan Connolly, Group President of Hubbell Power Systems Inc

The inevitable and steady rise in energy consumption has forced utility companies to fulfill rising consumer expectations and have made them accept the need for technological innovation for energy demand. The utility industry has been...

Applying Blockchain into Logistics Processes
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Companies can make the supply chain safer and enhance the transaction flow with the assistance of Blockchain.  FREMONT, CA: Drastic changes are taking place in the logistics and shipping companies–a metamorphosis that guarantees to...

What Powers Effective Order Management for Online Retailers?
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E-commerce firms are looking for ways to boost the efficiency of order management with technology, as the volume of business rises exponentially. FREMONT, CA: E-commerce companies prioritize customer satisfaction, which can be essentially...

4 Things CIO Should do for Secure Cloud Transformation
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Cloud computing makes an organization more agile and responsive. FREMONT, CA: Cloud Computing has changed the way companies operate. IT rulers must increase their company’s agility, embrace cloud apps and facilities, and handle...

How Innovation Magnifies Club Managers' Profits
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Technology introduces clubs to automation and other smart management features, offering next-generation strategies to amplify club businesses.   FREMONT, CA: In the customer-centric era of businesses, advanced club management software is...

The Significance of Robust ERP in the Pharma Sector
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FREMONT, CA: The technological evolutions in the pharmaceutical sector have led to the acceleration of business processes, centralization of management, and enhancement of decision making. Besides, the industry has experienced a massive rise...

Features of an Effective ERP System
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FREMONT, CA: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are witnessing a gradual shift as enterprises are looking for ERP development in the cloud. ERP system using cloud services will be more efficient as cloud services will make...

5 Reasons Why CIOs Must Deploy Mobile EAM Solutions
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Mobile enterprise asset management solutions support firms in their quest to improve productivity, security and efficiency.    FREMONT, CA: Evolving business models have welcomed the concept of the mobile workforce, and with...

Top 10 Industries Shifting to IoT-Based Connected Field Services
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IoT applications continue to add futuristic features to the field service job frame, and industries are embracing them to uncover newer opportunities and capabilities.      FERMONT, CA: Envisioning enhanced customer...

Top 6 Things CIOs must know in the Age of Mobile Workforce
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Assets are a vital part of an enterprise’s balance sheet. With effective asset management, businesses are gaining the insights necessary to reduce equipment downtime, decrease labor costs, and lower inventory needs.   FREEMONT,...

The Digital Workplace: How and When Do Businesses Start?
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Andrew Tan, Managing Director, JOS Singapore

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are two recent technological advancements which have greatly propelled the digital transformation of the workplace. Automation has replaced many administrative and operational tasks within...

Moving Modernized: The Technology Revolutionizing Relocation Services
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Mark Scullion, President of Workplace and Commercial Services, The Suddath Companies

With technology expanding faster than ever, almost every aspect of daily life is at our fingertips. You can preheat your oven before you get home or adjust the house thermostat from 3,000 miles away, so why can’t you instantly check...

The Computer Will See You Now: How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining How We Work and Becoming Easier for Businesses to Adopt
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Todd Matsler, Director - Global Video Team, Intel Internet of Things Group

Ask a child to describe an image in a picture or a video, and chances are, they’ll be able to accurately describe what they see. Whether it’s a cat in a photograph or an airplane in a video, correctly identifying the content of...