IT: Key Enabler, Broadening Banking Prospects
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Banking is in the midst of an IT revolution, leading to the increasing importance of total banking automation in the industry.  FREMONT, CA: The world’s most tech-savvy generation is all progressing, and they are demanding smarter,...

The Struggle is Real for Asset Management Leaders
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Summary: Asset management in an organization is as tedious as it sounds. The IT department had always been tasked with the job but recent developments in cloud space has pushed the process towards a public cloud domain where automated services...

Montefiore Uses Healthcare Information Technology as Its Anchor for Improving Care and Finding Cost Efficiencies
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Vanessa Guzman, Associate Vice President, Montefiore Health System

Montefiore ACO is part of the Montefiore Health System, which includes 11 hospitals and a primary and specialty care network of more than 180 locations throughout New York. In 2012, Montefiore was selected as the only Pioneer accountable...

Autonomous Technology Leans into Logistics
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Diane Sacra, Director of Marketing, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc.

It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie or a post-industrial revolution novel – the machines are taking over. While it’s not quite as dramatic as such works of fiction, there is some real truth to autonomous robotics...

Top IT Service Management Trends to Watch in 2019
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FREMONT, CA: IT Service Management (ITSM)—the craft of implementing, managing and delivering IT services to meet the need of an organization —ensures the appropriate mix of people, processes, and technology to provide value. The...

ITAC Designates Angela Mondou as Permanent President and CEO
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Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) has recently appointed Angela Mondou as CEO and permanent president. Through a newsletter update sent to ITAC members, Angela seeks feedback over the various activities and programs that add...

Keeping Pace with Innovation is Challenging and Carries a Cost
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Ames B. Flynn, SVP & CIO, Extended Stay America Hotels

Cloud Computing to Empower Business The Cloud certainly brings economies of scale, the flexibility to change as business requirements dictate and allows hospitality IT organizations to focus more on business applications and empowering...

Unclogging the Branch and Call Center Traffic Jam
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Edward Vidal, Director IT Service Management Office, Memorial Healthcare System

When was the last time you placed a call to a Call Center? Was it your first or last option before you placed that callto obtain help? Think about that experience. Was it pleasant? Did you try anything else in order to avoid making that...

Meeting Today's ITSM Challenges
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Raymond Lefebvre, VP IT & CIO, Bridgewater State University

Currently, Bridgewater State University is running a very formal project management methodology and handling around 40 projects a year. We’ve been on an IT Service Management (ITSM) journey as an IT organization, learning and raising...

Creating and Advancing a Service Culture through Information Technology Service Management
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Peggy Kay, AVP & Technology Customer Experience, University of the Pacific

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.” - Frances Hesselbein. Changing a technology...

Why do Projects Take so Long (When Information Security is Involved)?
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Sam E. Buhrow, Director of Cyber Incident Management & Forensics, Banner Health

Over the years, I’ve had numerous experiences and swapped stories with colleagues of painful projects that “involved” Information Security. Of course, these weren’t projects lead by Information Security. Instead, at some point,...

Government as a Service and IT as the Change Agent
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Lisa Bobo, CIO, City of Rochester, NY

As citizens and professionals, technology plays a significant role in everything we do. It is because technology is such an integral part of our lives that we expect it to be commonplace in all our functions. For those who work in public...

Frustrations of a Healthcare CIO
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

As a national leading provider of senior healthcare services to 150 care centers in 15 states, Consulate Health Care has grown with a strong focus on patient needs. When I took the post as CIO back in 2014, my team was driven by company...

Focusing on Delivering Business Value
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Kyle Welsh, CISO, BECU

In today’s fast-paced world, work comes to the Information Technology professional and their part of an organization from all directions. Coupled with the non-stop distractions from their smart phones, that is both driven by and...

Scrutinizing AI Technologies for a Better Future
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Technologies like AI transform industries and improve human productivity and health. In-vehicle navigation, for example, artificial intelligence is used to identify faster routes between destinations, processing natural language commands in voice...

For DDoS-Hope is NOT a Strategy!
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Jon Murphy, GVP-IT Security, Ocwen Financial Corporation

So pervasive even into corporate boardrooms, the business magazine Forbes, rana primer about the subject in March of 2017; Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise and NOT run of the mill anymore! Before we get started...

Why DevOps Technology is the Best Option for Enterprises
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DevOps has shifted the paradigm of Information Technology industry. It has evolved big time and has become the main focus in the world of software. According to Statista, there is a 17 percent increase in DevOps adoption in the year 2018, and...

Reasons to Implement Cloud-Based Loan Management Software
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Cloud computing has effectively changed the Information Technology sector. It provides efficient support in software development, delivery, and consumption to the businesses. The fintech industry has leveraged this technology to boost up...

Technology Keys to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, EVP & CIO, SEI Investment Company

Industry after industry is being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms. The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire personal...

Emerging Biopharma Gains Competitive Advantage in the Cloud
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Doug Caldwell, Vice President, Customer Architecture, Veeva Systems

The probability of receiving FDA approval for a new drug is less than 10 percent–and as low as 5.1 percent for oncology medicines. Small and emerging companies typically invest more than a decade of time and money into drug...