IT Auditing
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Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD, Director External Consulting and Audit, EFPR Group

Definition Elaborated Almost every training document defines IT Audit as “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology audits...

Health Care IT Trends for the Future
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Joy Abraham, Vice president of IT, Life Care Centers of America

Health care has become one of the essential socio-economic issues facing the country, and information technology (IT) is a critical factor in efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of care. The following trends are playing a big...

InfoSec's Purpose, Role, & Relationships
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Dr. Garrett Smiley, CISO, SERCO, Inc.

InfoSec Defined According to SearchSecurity (TechTarget), Information Security (InfoSec) is a set of strategies for managing the processes, tools, and policies necessary to detect, document, and respond to threats against digital and...

All Roads Lead to Risk Assessment
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Christopher R. Barber, EVP & CIO, Commonwealth Business Bank

Historically institutions primarily focused on the detection and protection of possible Information Security breaches. However in today’s environment, defending against possible breaches is no longer enough. With the increase of...

ITAC Designates Angela Mondou as Permanent President and CEO
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Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) has recently appointed Angela Mondou as CEO and permanent president. Through a newsletter update sent to ITAC members, Angela seeks feedback over the various activities and programs that add...

Modernizing the Employee Experience at The Ohio State University
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Brian Newcomb, Sr. Director Technology Process and Data Solutions, Ohio State University

Significant project work is underway to improve business processes and systems at The Ohio State University. One focus area in this effort is that of HR Service Delivery with a goal of improving the employee experience by making Human...

Move to the Cloud: A New Strategy for Business Success?
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Finance Leaders always have a feeling of apprehension towards adopting the cloud technology; they are always concerned about the data security, the reliability of cloud infrastructure, availability of applications and also the costs of...

Machine Learning Playing an Important Role in Cybersecurity
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Vendors are overusing the term Artificial Intelli­gence (AI). Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are interested in Machine Learning (ML) but are skeptical of AI. Security teams in companies receive too many alerts, and most of the...

Why do Projects Take so Long (When Information Security is Involved)?
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Sam E. Buhrow, Director of Cyber Incident Management & Forensics, Banner Health

Over the years, I’ve had numerous experiences and swapped stories with colleagues of painful projects that “involved” Information Security. Of course, these weren’t projects lead by Information Security. Instead, at some point,...

Cyber Breaches Present Risks Beyond Loss of Data and Reputation
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Brian Thomas, CISA, CISSP, QSA, Partner-in- Charge, IT Advisory Services, Weaver and Tidwell, L.L.P.

The recent Marriott/Starwood data breach, which affected almost 400 million people, was just the latest in a year of bad news for CIOs. The year 2018 opened with new cybersecurity guidance from the Securities & Exchange Commission, and...

The Foundational Elements Required for IT Infrastructure
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Josh Schlanger, VP - Operations & IT, Demandbase

When I was asked to write about IT Infrastructure, I was quite excited. During my career, I have enjoyed learning about all kinds of tools and technologies, seeing the pace of innovation increase dramatically, and generally watching the IT...

Network Security, Cyber Security and Information Security at a Glance
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Security is the most essential block of business models and is never taken for granted. Since, information has started to play an important role in business strategies terms like information security, cyber security, network security have also...

InfoSecurity Russia 2018 is ready to open its doors!
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This year the Exhibition InfoSecurity Russia / ITSEC 2018 and the Forum All-over-IP 2018 will take place under the one roof of pavilions 4 and 4.1, Sokolniki Expo. The program of InfoSecurity / ITSEC 2018 is here > Add in your plan the...

From IT Service Management to Corporate Service Management
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Graham K Draughon, President, Blackthorn Cyber Security, LLC. & Advisory CISO, Onemain Holdings, Inc.

IT Service Management is often equated with Help Desk operations. Certainly, support tickets and break-fix can represent a significant number of incidents. A fully featured IT Service Management solution will support provisioning and...

CIO at the Crossroads of Technology and Business
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Walter Yosafat, SVP & Global CIO, Wyndham Worldwide [NYSE:WYN]

Today, the role of a CIO has greatly evolved, where the CIO is no longer confined to mastering technology, but is expected to be a true business leader. A typical CIO has to tackle challenges in product experience, market growth, and play...

InfoSecurity Russia 2018: The Program and The List of Exhibitors are on the Website - Check in!
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InfoSecurity Russia 2018 will take its place in Sokolniki Expo, on the 21-23rd of November. The program and the list of exhibitors are already on the website. What companies, conferences and sections will be waiting for you? Exhibitor list...

An advanced approach towards cyber-security
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Information Security has its own pros and cons. Where at times it might prove fruitful in saving the data but other times it can lead to frustration between security professionals and end users. Any activity with an indication of any sort of...

The New Phase of Development of GRC
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Today, companies face greater uncertainty with the new emerging risks now and then due to the globalization of competitive markets. Amidst the changes in global regulation, geopolitical shifts, and technology developments over the past years,...

Leveraging GRC Technology to Improve Security Program
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Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security & Service Operations, Pacific Dental Services

The three tenets of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRC) incorporate information technology in order to manage the numerous operational processes within an organization (Rasmussen, 2018). Governance consists of the culture,...

Build a Cyber Security Ecosystem to Reduce Risk in the Public Sector
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

High profile security breaches continue to lead the news each week. Atlanta was the latest municipality to report a high impact security event with the loss of core city services for an extended period. Baltimore’s 911 system was...