How is IBM Influencing Telemedicine?
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Healthcare delivery is getting easier as IBM helps telemedicine providers leverage the power of AI.     Fremont, CA: The scope of telemedicine technology has surged in recent times. Rapid development in network infrastructure and...

Transform Healthcare with a Passion for Innovation
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Patrick Hale, Chief Information Officer, VITAS® Healthcare

1. In the light of your experience, what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening concerning the Healthcare Tech space? By any measure, healthcare innovation is proceeding at a dizzy pace. Care providers are spending...

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare - Opportunity for All
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Richard Mackey, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Intalere

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a major opportunity for healthcare providers in our country that can be an answer to the growing public health crisis. The state of healthcare in the United States is at an inflection point and the imperative...

Time for Healthcare to Open the
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Marci Sindell, CMO and Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Atrius Health

Over the past decade, digital transformation has dramatically reshaped how consumers research and purchase services across all industries from retail to media, banking and beyond. However, the $3.5 trillion U.S. healthcare industry has...

6 Path-Breaking Potentials of Image Recognition for the Future
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The future image recognition applications hold immense potential in optimizing almost every business process, and here is the gist of it.    FREMONT, CA: Image recognition technologies are contributing to advancements in various...

The Impact of the Concept of Workflow in a Complex Healthcare Environment
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Rich Temple, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Deborah Heart and Lung Center

"Workflow” is one of those terms that at a superficial level, one might consider a business “buzzword,” but that would be an unfair assessment of the power of workflow. At its most basic level,...

Should Hospitals Manage their Data Centers?
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With cloud-based alternatives that offer cost savings and increased security, on-site data centers have become outdated to use. FREMONT, CA: According to the latest research, the healthcare cloud computing market is expected to develop at...

Virtual Assistance-Powered Startups to Play Long-Term in the Market!
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Virtual assistance boosts entrepreneurial skills by offering various platforms and possible services for different industrial sectors. FREMONT, CA: Virtual assistance has become an excellent way for the industries to improve the efficiency and...

Top 10 Industries Shifting to IoT-Based Connected Field Services
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IoT applications continue to add futuristic features to the field service job frame, and industries are embracing them to uncover newer opportunities and capabilities.      FERMONT, CA: Envisioning enhanced customer...

4 Startups making Strides in the Predictive Marketing Industry
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With advanced technologies, startups are rolling out smarter predictive marketing solutions, which are tailored for the present. FREMONT, CA: Every business today aspires to ace the trend and stay ahead in the highly competitive business...

New API Entrants Transforming Business Sectors Like Never Before!
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Many businesses are outlining their strategy with advanced API. With this, organizations envision staying a step ahead in the highly competitive world.   FREMONT, CA:  With the adoption and development of Application Programming...

Internet of Things' Ecosystem
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Dr. Joseph Siryani, IT Director, Research Computing and Data Science at Inova Health System

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a smart and ubiquitous technology interconnecting “things” through a variety of networks. The term “things” include sensors, actuators, software, and hardware, proliferating across multiple...

Biomedical and Health Information Sciences University of Illinois at Chicago
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Miriam Isola, DrPH CPHIMS, Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

AI has become mission-critical for competitive advantage in industries such as retail, travel, and banking. In healthcare, we are beginning to hear about new applications for AI every week. With all of this activity, it is important to...

Population Care Delivery: A New Care Model Innovative Healthcare Organizations
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Sam Basta, MD, MMM, FACP, CPE, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Integration, Sentara Healthcare

Population Care Delivery (PCD) is a new healthcare delivery model taking shape at innovative healthcare organizations. PCD evolved as a response to the ineffectiveness of traditional primary and specialty care delivery models in meeting...

The 4 Challenges Hindering Healthcare Digitalization
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Overcoming the challenges hindering seamless digitalization in the healthcare sector is the first step toward the democratization of primary healthcare. FREMONT, CA: The rise of digitalization across the medical sector has enabled healthcare...

Latest Tech Advancements Changing the Outlook of Healthcare
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Technology is providing the healthcare industry with opportunities to undertake profoundly meaningful and crucial developments towards better diagnosis, procedures, and services. FREMONT, CA: Technology is helping the healthcare industry to...

How Can Collaboration Streamline Healthcare Workflows?
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Facilitating active collaboration between clinicians and IT personnel will enable organizations to streamline their workflows and mitigate burnouts. FREMONT, CA: The healthcare landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and it has become imperative...

New Entrees for the Healthcare Innovation Race-2019
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New innovations that are all set to raid the healthcare sector, making patient-doctor innovations much safer and productive. FREMONT, CA: More than 80 percent of medical practitioners and doctors support the innovations in devices used for...

Increasing Your Bottom Line with Predictive Analytics
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Rich Jolly, VP Analytics & Strategy, Avamere Family of Companies

Iroutinely speak with C-Suite executives who complain of the high cost and limited (or no) business benefit from data scientists. This feedback, along with the daunting task of determining how to get started, might deter even the most...

Drone Delivery for Saving Lives and Cutting Costs
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Drones are adding significant value to the healthcare sector and making it much more efficient with faster deliveries of drugs, blood, and organs. FREMONT, CA: Healthcare is increasingly adopting technological advancements. The...