How SQL-based ETL Optimizes Cloud Data Management
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New data lake ETL platform is making ML and big data analytics possible for organizations by replacing arcane data pipeline coding using Hadoop with simple SQL. FREMONT, CA: A rapidly growing big data startup and an Advanced Technology Partner...

Enterprise Architecture - Rationalizing an Irrational World
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Thomas Feichtinger - Chief Enterprise Architect, Novelis Inc.

Does your company use just one system for all of its activities globally? In all locations? What about technologies (servers, network, etc.)? In my experience, very few companies have accomplished this, but some are certainly trying....

The Evolution of Enterprise Information
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David G. Sherburne, Director, Carestream

In the information driven world of the future how enterprise data is managed and controlled will be more critical than ever. The technology landscape is changing rapidly as data platforms emerge and cloud based infrastructures get easier...

How to Leverage Data Science to Provide Insanely Great Customer Experiences in Any Industry
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Dr. Mark Wang, Chief Data Scientist, Alorica

"Big data” frequently means different things in different discussions. Many times, people talk about characteristics of the data, such as the volume, velocity, va¬riety, variability or characteristics such as the complexity...

Virtualization in Cloud Computing: Understanding the Fundamentals
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Virtualization allows users to share an application or physical storage with multiple users and organization. A virtual machine provides an environment which is separated from the hardware underlying it. The machine to create the virtual...

DocTalk Solutions to Enhance its Current Technology
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Organizations have recognized that the “elephant in the room” needs to be addressed. The sheer rate at which companies collect data has reflected the opportunities for their management to grow within the market. The startups who...

Financial Service's Battle against Fraudulent Activities using Big Data Analytics
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Fandhy H. Siregar, Head Of Internal Audit, PT. Bank Resona Perdania

Combating financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business. At the same time, financial service produces billions of data from their activities every day. Financial service institution is operating in highly regulated...

Welcoming New Changes with Technology
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Carl Hoburg, SVP, CIO, Progrexion

One important way my role as CIO has changed in the past few years is to occasionally help educate my other executive colleagues. Useful new technology continuously becomes available. I have to allocate approximately 10 percent of my time...

Rethinking Healthcare Analytics
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Julius Bogdan, Director of Analytics and Data Innovation, SCL Health

The healthcare industry has become data rich through a digital transformation with the advent of the Electronic Health Record. We now have a tremendous volume of data flooding in, but managing and analyzing that data remains a challenge. A...

Cloud Dataverse: A Data Repository Platform for the Cloud
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Mercè Crosas, Ph.D., Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, Harvard University

Imagine combining the power and scalability of cloud computing and storage with access to thousands of datasets hosted in a reliable and feature-rich data repository platform? Cloud Dataverse does exactly that—brings a mature and...

The Human Capital of High-Performance Computing
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Mike Fisk, CIO, Los Alamos National Laboratory

The often-overlooked aspect of high-performance computing is not the flashy “big iron” but the people. While the hardware can be spectacular, it won’t benefit your business if you don’t have talent who know how to...

The Rise of Big Data, Analytics of Things
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After the espousal of the internet of things (IoT), businesses are looking forward to ‘analytics of things’—where big data analytics not only tackles the business challenges but also upends the way businesses function. Even...

What You Need to Know About AWS
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Michael Meyer, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), MRS BPO, LLC

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are becoming an integral part of everyday life in many companies and governments around the world. While everyone has heard of AWS, people are only aware of a fraction of their offerings; there is lot more to AWS...

'Mobile First': Massive Innovation at the Hardware and Application Level
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Bob Wiederhold, CEO, Couchbase

What significant changes did Big Data segment witness in 2013? What did these changes mean to vendors and customers? 2013 was the first year big Internet companies and enterprises adopted NoSQL products for mission-critical applications...

eDiscovery as the CIO
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Don Cox, Deputy CIO, Philidor Rx Services

Just as breaches will happen, litigation holds will happen I recently read a comment made by a colleague, “The most common anti-forensics tool I see used in engagements is time. The bad guys persists their malware in known...

Big Data Retires Your Data Storage Infrastructure So Now What?
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Shahbaz Ali, President & CEO, Tarmin

Big data is flooding organizations while the industry scrambles to get grips with the new data-driven economy and what that means for businesses. This accelerated data growth phenomenon has put organizations of every size, industry and...

New Alliances Will Drive Fintech Innovation
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Sheri Rhodes, EVP and CTO/CIO, Western Union

Q. What are your top priorities for 2018 and how is technology transforming a legendary brand like Western Union? My top priorities might surprise people who don’t think of Western Union as a profoundly digital financial...

The Future of Streaming Analytics in Financial Services
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Mark Palmer, SVP-Engineering & General Manager, TIBCO Software

Why? The proliferation of data in motion has led to a complete transformation of operating procedure in many industries, but especially in financial services. Streaming analytics technology has made it easier to understand the risk and...

Boosting Cybersecurity with Big Data Analytics
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For the billions of entities connected via IoT, traditional firewalls and skilled network security professionals do not guarantee network infrastructure security. The utilization of traditional and newer systems together makes the diagnosis of a...

Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Data Science
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Steve Miller, President, Inquidia

A joke's making the rounds in the analytics world. Question: What’s a data scientist? Answer: An intelligence practitioner from San Francisco. An even more cogent aphorism: A data scientist can program better than a...