The Enterprise Digital Business Transformation Journey
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Vijay Thatte, Senior Enterprise Architect, Voya Financial

IT Landscape of Enterprise organizations is changing rapidly from On-premise centric to Hybrid model. Significant investments are already made for large IT Transformation initiatives including, Digital Transformations, Legacy...

Why should Banks Choose Digital Onboarding?
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To discover the benefits of digitalization in the true sense, banks need to overcome manual onboarding and opt for digital onboarding. FREMONT, CA: The banking sector is under a strong spell of digitalization. In a quest to convert banks into...

Intelligent Small Business Advisor to Bolster Entrepreneurial Success
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A multichannel AI-driven platform is connecting small business owners to enterprise resources by providing an online platform to help companies grow.       FREMONT, CA: The first platform powered by AI that...

Building a New eDiscovery/Disclosure Model at White & Case
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Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White & Case

Over the past two years, the Knowledge team at White & Case has built a new model for handling litigation technology in-house— one that is saving our lawyers time, saving our clients money and producing better results. Our work was...

Energy Monitoring Software Converting Data Into Insights
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FREMONT, CA: New challenges, from compliance to carbon reduction, are presented to energy professionals across private and public sectors. Most of them are turning to the energy data to take well-controlled decisions. Due to growing regulatory...

IT Auditing
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Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD, Director External Consulting and Audit, EFPR Group

Definition Elaborated Almost every training document defines IT Audit as “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology audits...

Smoothing the Audit Trail
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Rose Rosenfeld, Chief Financial Officer, ODA Primary Health Care Network

Why are organizations struggling with the audit management process? Trepidation and unease play a pivotal role in the audit process. Auditors have garnered a reputation of fostering fear. This fear does not have a correlation with the...

Key Trends in Law Firm FinTech
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Madhav Srinivasan, CFO, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Financial technology is crucial to the smooth functioning of modern law firms. The interplay between finance and technology has always existed, but it has become more complex in recent years. Experience shows CFOs spend a fair proportion...

3 Ways Fintech Broadens the Opportunity Spectrum for the Finance Industry
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With the integration of technology with banks and financial institutions, fintech, with its core functionalities, is creating a win-win situation.      FREMONT, CA: The growing importance of innovation and extensive use of...

Walking the Fine Line Between Seamless and Unsafe Banking
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George Lee, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, RSA

Asia Pacific (APAC) is the world’s most populous continent, and it is also home to the largest percentage of unbanked population, according to the World Bank’s Global Findex report. This is going to change. The emergence of a large...

Advanced Tech Helps Close the Door on Fraud
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Kathleen Peters, Experian’s Senior Vice President and Head of Fraud & Identity, Experian

Technology has advanced in a such a way that it’s made our lives significantly easier. We can purchase nearly any product imaginable from our smartphones, share and store pictures on the cloud, and become a self-proclaimed expert on...

Financial Services Institutions Betting Big on Predictive Analytics
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Implementing predictive analytics allows financial firms to find previously hidden patterns in data that can amplify business results, reduce churn, increase marketing effectiveness, and more. FREMONT, CA: With the advent of connected...

Five Areas Influenced by IoT-Driven Transformations
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IoT is impacting almost all the industries, yet some of them are getting transformed at a faster rate than others. FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is impacting the way organizations design, produce, and sell products and services....

Ways Different Industries Employ Cloud Computing Solutions
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Cloud computing has defined computer architecture development and expanded the foundational features for digital assets and innovative facilities. FREMONT, CA: Ever imagined why cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, and Google are becoming...

Big Data and BI: Transforming the Capital Markets Ecosystem
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In the capital market, big data plays an incredibly significant role. Companies are readily investing in big data and BI solutions to stay competitive. FREMONT, CA: Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin to support trade choices with their...

Noteworthy Trends that are Fashioning the Fintech Landscape
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The fintech industry has made the world finance more integrated by allowing customers to perform all the banking operations in the comfort of their schedules. FREMONT, CA: Fintech has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. Once...

4 Key trends to Watch in the Banking Industry
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The worldwide banking sector is becoming more strategically oriented and technologically developed to meet consumer expectations while attempting to protect market share against a growing range of rivals.     FREMONT, CA: The...

Steady Adoption of Cryptocurrencies by the Banks Calls for a Future Financial Stability
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Increased adoption of cryptocurrencies by the financial institutions is expected to showcase a bright banking future. FREMONT, CA: Cryptocurrency has now created a buzz in the financial market. The adoption of cryptocurrency by the banks and...

Small Businesses Might Not be Small Anymore!
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The bedrock of the modern-day labor marketplace is the small and medium-sized businesses as they employ almost 50 percent of the private workforce and millions of new set of jobs. Although the growth is significant to a sustainable global economy,...

Fintech Unleashing Its Potential to Help Banks Perform Better
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Consumers expect more personalized experience in the field of financial services pushing firms to expand and improve their financial services market. FREMONT, CA: Rapid technology developments and the whirl of new fintech players are hugely...