A Health System Moves Toward Paperless
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Tabitha Lieberman, SVP Clinical and Revenue Cycle Applications, Providence St. Joseph Health

We are going paperless! Have you ever heard that proclamation at the start of a new system implementation? As far back as I remember, large systems like Providence St. Joseph Health, have been removing paper—be it with accounting...

Modern Infrastructure to Move Forward
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Allan Connolly, Group President of Hubbell Power Systems Inc

The inevitable and steady rise in energy consumption has forced utility companies to fulfill rising consumer expectations and have made them accept the need for technological innovation for energy demand. The utility industry has been...

Applying Blockchain into Logistics Processes
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Companies can make the supply chain safer and enhance the transaction flow with the assistance of Blockchain.  FREMONT, CA: Drastic changes are taking place in the logistics and shipping companies–a metamorphosis that guarantees to...

The Significance of Robust ERP in the Pharma Sector
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FREMONT, CA: The technological evolutions in the pharmaceutical sector have led to the acceleration of business processes, centralization of management, and enhancement of decision making. Besides, the industry has experienced a massive rise...

Features of an Effective ERP System
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FREMONT, CA: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are witnessing a gradual shift as enterprises are looking for ERP development in the cloud. ERP system using cloud services will be more efficient as cloud services will make...

Building a Strong IT Department by Adopting Advanced Technology
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Thad M. Lutgens, Director of Equipment & IT, Longbow Industries (Parent of LPR Construction)

The glaring summer sun had just crested in the morning sky and began warming up the day. Butterflies floated in my belly as I slowly opened the job trailer door crossing the construction threshold for the first time. Evidence of crazy...

Delivering Critical Field Service for Additive Manufacturing
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Mark Hessinger, VP Global Customer Services, 3D Systems

Several years ago there was a great deal of talk in the Services industry about the desire to have connected machines, and, many companies providing medical equipment led the way in leveraging this technology and capability. Today it has...

Arcoro and Acumatica Partner to Bring Speed and Innovation in Construction
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Chris Lennon, VP of Product

Integrated cloud systems byArcoro and Acumatica  provide a greater grade of visibility and efficiency for construction enterprises. FREMONT, CA: Arcoro, a provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, and Acumatica, a growing ERP...

Five Areas Influenced by IoT-Driven Transformations
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IoT is impacting almost all the industries, yet some of them are getting transformed at a faster rate than others. FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is impacting the way organizations design, produce, and sell products and services....

Reaching into Every Person's World with Geovision Technologies
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Michael L Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University

For over 50-years Oral Roberts University has given students’ from over 160 different nations around the world three dist inct challenges while earning their degree. 1. ‘Make No Little Plans’ while attending ORU. 2. Graduate...

Exploring Opportunities with RPA
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The technological circumstances have provided a definite route for developing RPA suppliers as they begin rolling out capacities for particular digital company requirements. FREMONT, CA: The new wave of functioning driven by automation has...

The Evolution of Enterprise Information
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David G. Sherburne, Director, Carestream

In the information driven world of the future how enterprise data is managed and controlled will be more critical than ever. The technology landscape is changing rapidly as data platforms emerge and cloud based infrastructures get easier...

The Promise of CPQ for Precast
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Joshua Myers, VP of Engineering, Jensen Precast

Precast concrete dates as far back as 1300 BC when Middle Easterners melted limestone to cover their clay homes. Centuries later, Romans poured limestone crushed rock, and soft sand into wooden forms to build their sprawling network of...

APIs and MicroServices for Competitive Advantage
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Kiran Kanetkar, Director - API & Analytics, Petco

Every organization irrespective of their size, has a touchpoint with digital products in this fourth industrial revolution powered by digital technologies. As the smartphone becomes an entry point for most customer journeys all CXO’s...

Tapping into Water Meter Testing Capabilities with Enhanced Software Updates
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Dave Corey, CEO

The need to plug the revenue loss that is directly related to water loss has given rise to improving utility software solutions; new enhancements are driving accuracy in water meter testing. FREMONT, CA: MARS, the leading water meter testing,...

Automating HR and Finance: Stretching ERP with RPA
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Trey Campbell, CEO

An automation company partners with a BPaaS solutions company to form a RPaaS platform, as an extension for ERP systems in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of HR and Finance Departments. FREMONT, CA: For the provision of...

FreePoint Launches New API Platform
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John Traynor, Senior Vice President

FreePoint Technologies has introduced an API that enables outside resources to connect with the ShiftWorx platform. The application programming interface enables clients to access services outside the domain of user-interface. FREMONT, CA:...

Integrated Features to Enhance Accounting in Food Manufacturing Industry
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Food manufacturing companies take advantage of the new technology entrants, upgrading the dynamics of accounting.      FREMONT, CA: NorthScope, the ERP software provider for food manufactures, releases two new...

Blockchain Community Leader, I am part of the Innovation & Digital Transformation team that runs innovation initiative for CACIB
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Xavier Laurent, Blockchain Community Leader for Credit Agricole CIB

Block-chain technology has been promising disruption and revolution for the last three years. Despite the aura and resilience of Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, the crypto-currency crash of December 2017 and the lack of commercial solution...

ERP Trends For 2019: Strategies For Business Growth
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ERP software solutions have gained increasing traction among both large and small enterprises for its centralized approach to business processes. The companies can collect, store, manage, and interpret data from different business units with it....