Health Care IT Trends for the Future
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Joy Abraham, Vice president of IT, Life Care Centers of America

Health care has become one of the essential socio-economic issues facing the country, and information technology (IT) is a critical factor in efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of care. The following trends are playing a big...

Real World Evidence for Precision Medicine
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Amrit Ray, Global President, Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer Inc.

The utilization of bioinformatics and precision medicine with the availability of real world data (RWD) can provide an integrated approach to improve non-communicable disease (NCD) care. In this editorial, we elaborate on the roles of...

AI Healthcare Assistant Reducing 'Off Hours' Documentation Burden
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Adoption of technologies like AI to date has spurred an immediate impact on physician quality of life and work-life balance. FREMONT, CA: Saykara unveils an AI-powered healthcare assistant Kara 2.0 that simplifies the documentation process for...

Adopting Changing Healthcare Measures With GIS Application
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Organizations of all sizes and from most industries are benefit­ing from the economic and strategic value of GIS. The growing interest and awareness of the GIS software has enhanced the valuable tool. With capabilities for accurate and nuanced...

Trends That Will Dominate Healthcare in 2019
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Technology perimeters every dimension of healthcare. It offers extraordinary benefits to patients and medical practitioners. The wise use of technology in healthcare can promise patient satisfaction and cost savings, which contributes to the...

Deep Learning and Future of Healthcare
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Sanjib Basak, Former Director of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains popularity in the industry, there has been a growing excitement about how it will transform our life in next few years. Regardless of some skepticism about role of AI with human intervention, AI is...

Digital Transformation Creating a Shift in CIO and IT Jobs
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There is an exciting shift in the next generation of industry executives. Well educated and trained executives in technologies through all of their respective disciplines such as financial, clinical, operations, and marketing. This entire shift is...

Apple Forays into EHR Business
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Apple has entered the EHR business enabling individuals to aggregate their health records on their iPhones. EHR field experts have various opinions about this development. As per John Kelly, the principal business adviser for software firm...

Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing the whole network system
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Most of the leading cybersecurity company use blockchain technology to avert data tampering. In addition to this, US healthcare companies are taking the initiative to explore this technology for other relevant issues. Storing Electronic Health...

How Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning are Changing Healthcare
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Clinical Research and Data Analytics, ATI Holdings, LLC

From my daily focus on the analytical realm of sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation, I am very interested in and have published on complex systems and nonlinear relationships in hospitals’ functioning and healthcare. With...

Real-World Healthcare Applications of Blockchain
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At the "Blockchain 4 Healthcare: Fit for Purpose?" session of HIMSS18 in Las Vegas, experts conveyed the revolutionary and attainable the potential advantages of a distributed ledger technology for healthcare arena. IEEE is already...

The Synergistic Usage of Blockchain and Big Data
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The emergence of cloud has successfully vanquished the challenges of data storage. With data proliferation being the norm in all domains, the focus of thought leaders is now on obtaining the right insights using big data analytics. Thanks to...

Using Cloud for Storing Healthcare Data
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On-premise systems are quickly becoming inconvenient and have begun their journey towards antiquity. Big data analytics and image analytics are expected to swamp healthcare, with the added benefits of cloud. In order to meet current...

Data Management Beyond Clinical Trials
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Steve Cutler, COO, ICON plc [NASDAQ: ICLR]

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) exist to aid the delivery of care and administration of health systems. EHRs were not designed to collect data for use in clinical trial research. However, we are seeing an ever growing appetite for...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Physician/Patient Relationship
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Kali Durgampudi, VP of Innovation, Mobile Architecture, R&D, Healthcare Solutions, Nuance Communications

The abundance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and connected technologies being introduced daily are pushing the limits of innovation and raising expectations with every passing day. Thanks to these developments, particularly in machine...

Improving Visibility through Integrated Information
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Wes Williams, VP & CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver

Health care has made huge changes in how content is managed in the 12 years since I left clinical practice to focus on health IT. As a clinical psychologist, all my intake assessments, progress notes, and treatment plans were hand-written....

The 3 Ways Software Is About To Eat Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, CEO, Livongo

As someone who was at the forefront of creating software that would impact the way we deliver healthcare, I remember the resistance and doubt that accompanied the rise of e-prescribing and Electronic Health Records. Some physicians said...

Leveraging Digital Technologies In Life Sciences: Creating A Holistic Care System
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Vikram Karakoti, Head Of Life Sciences-North America, Tata Consultancy Services

Digital disruption is creating opportunities for organizations across industries, to create customer-centric business models. With an ever increasing spread and pace of adoption, the digital revolution is disrupting businesses and...

How Pharma CIOs Can Use Big Data Techniques to Improve Drug Safety
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Christy Wilson, Senior Director, Pharma & Biotech Segment, Elsevier R&D Solutions

For pharmaceutical companies, the safety of their products is of paramount concern. Safeguarding the wellbeing of patients and mitigating the risk of punitive fines from regulatory agencies, such as the FDA in the US and EMA in Europe,...

Disrupting the CIO Comfort Zone to Innovate and Transform How Behavioral Health Clinics Use Electronic Health Records
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Wes Williams, VP & CIO, Mental Health Center Of Denver

A CIO’s charge is to keep an organization running smoothly. CIOs are evaluated on crucial tasks such as providing a secure and reliable information infrastructure, maintaining enterprise applications, and reporting clean, reliable...