IT Auditing
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Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD, Director External Consulting and Audit, EFPR Group

Definition Elaborated Almost every training document defines IT Audit as “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology audits...

Otava Collaborates With E7 Solutions to Provide Fully Managed Cloud-Based Solutions
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This collaboration will provide a multinational automaker with cloud solutions to enhance worldwide communication with efficiency. FREMONT, CA: Otava, a provider of safe cloud services for business and channel partners, has partnered with...

Benefits of Disaster Recovery in Cloud
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Cloud computing provides quicker recovery times and multi-site accessibility at standard disaster recovery costs. FREMONT, CA- Many organizations have late begun using the public cloud either to host non-critical apps or to store them. Some...

Enterprise Contract Management - An Automated Protocol Perspective
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Daniel Robbins, VP-ISO, State Bank & Trust Company

Stakeholders are a very important aspect of managing overall performance expectations within an organization. It is a good business practice to keep those stakeholders engaged and informed for optimal effectiveness. With this obligation,...

Best Ways to Practice Disaster Recovery
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It is crucial for schools to employ better disaster recovery methods and to check if they cloak all its grounds correctly. FREMONT, CA: All organizations today need to continually make advancements in their disaster recovery...

Harnessing the Hybrid Cloud with VMWare
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Michael Jude, Compute Platforms Manager, Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is dedicated to “Creating an Airline People Love” and in IT, we support this business mission by providing innovative technology solutions to our employees, as well as to our 44 million guests worldwide. Like many...

Taking Steps forward along the VMware journey
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Justin Hooper, VP of Infrastructure Services, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health’s requirements of IT infrastructure are probably very similar to those of companies of any industry and any size. My primary job is to provide infrastructure that is continuously available, high performing and low...

Significance of Cloud Computing for Organizations
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Innovations and the subsequent transformations are astonishingly fast. They carry the potential to disrupt the traditional setup, especially if the structure lacks adaptability. On a positive note, a flexible approach significantly enhances the...

Technology Trends Driving Adoption of Collaboration Tools
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Andy Nallappan, CIO & VP Global Technology & Services Organization Broadcom Inc.

In the hyper-competitive global marketplace, CXOs need to enable and empower teams to work effectively in order for the business to compete and to retain top talent. In order to keep pace with competitors, companies require five things:...

IT Infrastructure and Trends
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Sameer Purao, CIO, Austin Industries

Technology revolution has changed our lives and rapidly changing several industries around us. The transformation have led to significant change of processes and is keeping us on a constant accelerated path of change. The high rate of...

Exploring DRaaS for Business Continuity
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Gone was a year of IT outages and cyber attacks. Insufficient cybersecurity budgets, malicious attacks, and careless mistakes by the employees have mostly interrupted business processes—leading to financial losses and diminishing customer...

The Impact of Technology on Business Continuity Planning
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Nancy Valente, VP Enterprise Business Continuity, Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Business Continuity planners must consider all kinds of threats that may disrupt their business. The volume and force of natural disasters as well as cyber-attacks on businesses have increased. Although the list of potential threats...

Leveraging Technology for Prior Alerts on Catastrophic Flooding
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With hundreds dead and millions left homeless or their property enormously damaged, devastating floods have gutted many parts of the globe. The fury of nature may seem impenetrable, but can technology at least help them better to cope?  Wild...

The Foundational Elements Required for IT Infrastructure
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Josh Schlanger, VP - Operations & IT, Demandbase

When I was asked to write about IT Infrastructure, I was quite excited. During my career, I have enjoyed learning about all kinds of tools and technologies, seeing the pace of innovation increase dramatically, and generally watching the IT...

Multi-Cloud - Is it a Trap?
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Usage of multi-cloud is a valid approach only when an organization is large enough and requires multiple cloud computing and storage services for its data. However, there is a long distance to cover before this concept starts to show positive...

Business Continuity and Data Availability
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Ed Toner, CIO, State of Nebraska

As with most companies, the State of Nebraska has a copy of our data backed up nightly at an offsite location. Routine data backups can be used in a disaster recovery situation, but will they actually cover an organization’s needs...

Adopting Software Defined Networking
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Octavio Diaz, Cloud & Virtualization Practice Manager

The adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been growing rapidly. As a CIO, what does this mean for me and why should I care. The truth is that while server virtualization has driven the IT industry towards staggering expansion...

IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security: Joining Forces for Resiliency
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Paul J. Dattoli, MS, CBCP, AMBCI, Program Director, IT Disaster Recovery, Lahey Health

Your Cyber Security and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) programs must be closely aligned. Consider the two following questions that get to the heart of the matter: • If your systems get breached, what will you do? • If your...

Cyber-Protection for Smart Cities
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Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting banks, investment companies, and insurers to steal information and money, obliterate critical infrastructure, disrupt operations, and compromise data-rich financial services institutions (FSIs). The...

Silence is Not Golden
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Michael R. Galin, Director - Risk Management, Telus

Problems caused by a lack of communication between IT Disaster Recovery and the business. Full disclosure–I am not a DR expert. However, I have practiced risk management and business continuity in large organizations for over 20...