When Did Martech Get So Complex and How Ecosystem Thinking Can Help Fix It?
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Richard George, Global Head, Digital, User Experience and Marketing Technology, Refinitiv

In a world where companies are striving to create a seamless customer experience, complexity in the marketing technology (MarTech) stack can detract from that optimal experience, creating a serious headache for the C-Suite. The...

A Partnership to Elevate Company Insights
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With the evolving technologies around every minute, companies have also taken the initiatives to provide their customers with benefits that they have never encountered before. Similar thoughts were running in the minds of companies such as Tellius...

How Business Analytics is improving the Profitability of Construction Firms
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Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) is here to improve business outcomes and are among the hottest trends in technology especially in the world of construction where business intelligence, and predictive analytics tools can be...

Overcoming the IT Barriers in the Banking Industry
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With technology in banking growing drastically, the expectations in a secure environment and simple online and mobile banking solutions have increased. The banking landscape continues to change with more advancement in technologies and...

How We Leveraged Microsoft Azure To Meet On-Demand Needs
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Chad Leverenz, VP, IT Infrastructure & Development, Mercy Housing

Like most non-profit organizations, we experienced rapidly growing needs for visualizing analytics, producing business intelligence, improving OLTP and OLAP server performance on-demand, and backing up files. However, like most non-profit...

Next Level Web Apps: Customer Telemetry
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Justin Baird, Director of Application Development, CubeSmart

In web applications today, thousands of telemetry data points are pulled into data warehousing systems and processed to give the company insight on how Customers are using the app. Organizations rely heavily on the offerings of Google,...

Predictive Analytics with Big Data
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Childrens Hospital

My job is often to turn industry concepts or “catch phrases” into results. Some of these concepts come and go and some stick around. My organization, like so many others is on the Big Data bandwagon. “Big Data”...

Buy vs. Build Software Testing Solutions
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Jim Trentadue, Software Quality Consulting Director, Original Software

The Buy vs. Build dilemma has long afflicted CIO’s within IT organizations. Historically, this has been evident in Enterprise Software Packages and Development space, but is a growing quandary in the Software Quality and Testing...

How to build a CRM team
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Mike Berry, Senior Director of CRM Technology, Shutterfly Inc.

When I came over to Shutterfly the first thing I did was put together a gap analysis of the current state and the desired state of the marketing operations environment. The team here was very small. We had three people who were writing SQL...

A Trend in Legal Technology: Data-Enabled Case Evaluation
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David Milstein, MD, Head of Legal Technology and Guggenheim Partners

What’s coming down the pike in terms of legal technology is case outcome forecasting. It is already being done, of course. First of all, plaintiff lawyers have always made a cost-benefit analysis before they take a case, wherein the...

Harnessing the Power of Big Data
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Ken Kauppila, CIO, Merchants Fleet Management

A big challenge in the Fleet Management industry is ability to harness the power of “big data”. Due to the many devices and applications throughout the automotive supply and demand chain that generate real-time data, at...

Beyond the Hype - Understanding the Post Go-Live Business Intelligence Journey
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Mel Heckman, Director of Business Intelligence, Plano Synergy

The challenge of bringing Business Intelligence (BI) to an organization is daunting with a substantial investment in both time and money. There are a number of excellent books on the steps to implement BI, my favorite being the “The Data...

Online Insight: Reimagining Health Insurance Today
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Bill Wood, Director of Data Quality and Analytics

Online Insight enables insurance carriers to enroll, manage, and bill their customers in a private exchange while also supporting insurance brokers with best-in-class tools and services. The company has developed a health...

Nous Infosystems: New Realms of Business Specific Intelligence
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Ajith J. Pillai, CEO

Nous provides Business Intelligence consulting services to help enterprises attain BI maturity

SpendHQ: Point-and-Click Assessment of Spend Data
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Darren Shipp, SVP of Product & Operation

Provides procurement leaders a faster way to achieve true spend visibility through removing unnecessary functionality and solving bad data problem

How SAP Empowers Firms with Data-Driven Cloud Services?
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SAP's deep insights into business processes have allowed it to build a smart cloud service, SAP HANA Cloud, with room for enterprises to turn data into valuable business insights. FREMONT, CA: What makes an enterprise smart? An intelligent...