A Shift from CDOs to the CDPOs
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Since data protection takes the heart of the stage in the industry, companies will now require a chief data protection officer (CDPO) instead of a chief digital officer (CDO) to ensure their security. FREMONT, CA: With the rapidly shifting...

AI Redecorating Our Travel Experience
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FREMONT, CA: Customized experiences have been at the center of the travel industry, with people participating at multiple levels to enhance their journeys. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the travel...

Scope of Blockchain Technology in Automotive Industry
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Automation industry sees immense potential in the blockchain technology to revolutionize its current workflow and establish a much efficient one. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that stores data and transaction data in...

CIO at the Crossroads of Technology and Business
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Walter Yosafat, SVP & Global CIO, Wyndham Worldwide [NYSE:WYN]

Today, the role of a CIO has greatly evolved, where the CIO is no longer confined to mastering technology, but is expected to be a true business leader. A typical CIO has to tackle challenges in product experience, market growth, and play...

Accuracy is the Key Driver of a Good Chatbot Experience
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Gordon White, General Manager Americas, TSC

In the light of your experience what are the technological trends and challenges you’ve witnessed in the Virtual Assistance and chat-bots space? After a year of huge overhype, bots are finally starting to find their place in the...

Finding Synergy between Cybersecurity and Data Management
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Lester Godsey, Chief Information Security Officer, City of Mesa, AZ

Arguably the two ‘hottest’ trends in business, both cybersecurity and data management is often looked upon as separate strategic efforts within an organization. What many fail to realize is that they are not as disparate as...

Infusing Analytics Into Physical Retail Stores
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Brandon Schulz, Director (Retail Vertical), Luxoft

With the growing customer demands, players in the retail industry are leveraging advanced e-commerce platforms to enhance the shopping experience. The capability of e-commerce platforms to record users’ browsing history in retail...

As Technology Industry Evolves, ERM Takes Active Role In Planning
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Ethan Harrington, Director, Insurance And Enterprise Risk Management, H&R Block

The digital world is expanding at such a rapid pace that we are required to not only increase resources, but also become more agile in addressing potential dangers for our organizations – even those not in the financial industry. It...

Cloud It With A Chance Of Meatballs?
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Jeff Wright, VP & CISO, Allstate

Discussions around Cloud computing and related development methodologies like Agile, XP, and Scrum have grown to dominate the agendas of today’s technology and business meetings. Companies are looking to adopt cloud solutions and...

IT- A Game-changer in Cybersecurity
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Tammy Moskites, CIO and CISO, Venafi

Advanced Solutions for Thwarting Sophisticated Cyber Attacks I think the best way to describe the challenges that need to be met within the cybersecurity industry is to use a health analogy. Just as viruses make humans sick, they too...

VigiTrust: Data Protection and Security Awareness through eLearning Platform
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Mathieu Gorge, CEO & Founder

A provider of educational programs for IT Security specialities in Security Awareness, Assessments & Audits, PCI DSS Training & Compliance Support, Data Protection, and e-Learning for Security...

Conjur: Modernizing PAM and Secrets Management with Machine Identity
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Elizabeth Lawler, CEO & Co-founder

Delivers a secrets management platform that enables organizations to balance their goal of adopting cloud computing with their need to ensure security without impacting DevOps velocity...

Absolute: Self-healing Endpoint Security
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Geoff Haydon, CEO

Provides self-healing endpoint security for the alwayson visibility and real-time remediation of security breaches to ensure compliance, data protection, and cyber resiliency

How Document Management Solutions Enhance Insurance Services
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The most important function of an insurance document management system is to create electronic records for each piece of document and to construct a robust, centralized digital database. FERMONT, CA: Providers of insurance services manage a...