3 Keys to Unlock Brand Protection with Domain Security Strategies
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The domain is more like a digital brand identifier. Introducing the brand to the global online audience, domains demand high security to fight vulnerabilities. Here is the key! FREMONT, CA: In the modern world full of competition, sustaining...

Hospitals Continue To Expand Adoption of Technology to Thwart Cyberattacks
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Hospital patients put a lot of trust in their providers, so breaches of health IT security are some of the worst possible IT-related issues. A ransomware attack can destroy systems and block doctors and nurses from accessing results from the...

Securing IoT Devices with Cutting-Edge Technology
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Notwithstanding being a magic wand, technology has made privacy vulnerable, as it has begotten the threats of financial data theft, health records, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information (PII). IoT devices are an...

Mind the Skills Gap: Attracting and Training the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals
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Paige Adams, Group CISO, Zurich Insurance Group

B y 2019 there will be an estimated shortage of 2 million cyber security experts according to ISACA. Cybersecurity Ventures found that by 2021 that number could grow to 3.5 million. • At the same time, cyber security risks are...

IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security: Joining Forces for Resiliency
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Paul J. Dattoli, MS, CBCP, AMBCI, Program Director, IT Disaster Recovery, Lahey Health

Your Cyber Security and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) programs must be closely aligned. Consider the two following questions that get to the heart of the matter: • If your systems get breached, what will you do? • If your...

IT Disaster Recovery And Cybersecurity: Joining Forces For Resiliency
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Paul J. Dattoli, MS, CBCP, AMBCI, Program Director, It Disaster Recovery, Lahey Health

Your Cybersecurity and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) programs must be closely aligned. Consider the two following questions that get to the heart of the matter: • If your systems get breached, what will you do? • If your systems...

Changing Times: Making Things Better in a Connected, Complex World
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Anthony Scriffignano, PhD., SVP & Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet [NYSE:DNB]

Our modern times see us surrounded by technology and technology-enabled services designed to make life easier and more productive. New trends, such as vast improvements in Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things, add to the...

Supporting Business with the Right Technology
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Andy Jurczyk, CIO, Seyfarth Shaw

Technology in Action When I think about the best example of technology, it’s not the technology itself, but the attitude we as an organization have toward it. We split it up into a couple of categories. First and foremost is...

Making Smart Use of Data, Cloud, and Mobility
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Walter Yosafat, SVP & Global CIO, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

Leveraging cloud capabilities Cloud computing provides the hospitality industry with flexibility, scale and the increased ability to focus on a company’s IT needs. The industry, as a whole, is just beginning to leverage true cloud...

Cyber Security: Threats, Trends And Opportunities For 2017
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Kevin Curran, Senior Member, IEEE & Professor Of Cyber Security At Ulster University

A recent report stated that cybercrime damage is to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cyber theft is simply becoming the fastest growing crime in the world. Gartner reports that this rising tide of cybercrime has pushed cyber security...

Break Your Network Before Big Data Does
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Jeff Harris, Senior Director, Ixia

How many millions of dollars worth of network downtime can your organization afford? How many customers are you willing to lose to your competitors? Breaking your network sounds terrible, but when the Big Data wave hits your shores,...

Simplifying Document-Intensive Tasks with Workflow Management
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Anthony G. Dupree, CISM CIO/CISO, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

Coordinating Tasks with Workflow Management In the simplest terms, Workflow Management is the coordination and progression of tasks, from initiation to completion, through a set of rules. In our industry—document...

AppGuard: A Revolutionary Approach to Endpoint Cybersecurity
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Jon Loew, CEO

AppGuard has secured its place in CIO Applications magazine as one of the top Cyber Security Companies. AppGuard has evolved with the idea of delivering cyber security solutions to a range of enterprises across the globe. By employing AppGuard’s...

SnoopWall: Protecting SMEs Against Breaches
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Gary Miliefsky, President & CEO

A provider of cyber security solutions to SMEs that proactively defend networks against breaches

ProStar Solutions: New Age Cyber Security and Hosted Solutions
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Delon Lukow, Founder & CEO

Offers a plethora of cloud based enterprise solutions like cloud computing, network support, network security, and data backup

Logsign: Building All-in-One SIEM Solution
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Veysel Ataytur, CEO

Proffers all-in-one SIEM solution, which helps enterprises to eliminate the concern associated with operational security and threats

LogRhythm: Security Intelligence at its Best
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Andy Grolnick President & CEO

Providing threat management, cyber crime detection, threat intelligence, user behavior analytics, and network threat detection to businesses...

Easy Solutions: Total Fraud Protection for Financial Institutions and their Customers
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Ricardo Villadiego, Founder & CEO

Enhancing the security channel of financial institutions with high-shield threat protection platform

3i International: Ingenious Cyber Security Solutions
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Mark Elliott, CEO

Offers Managed IT, Managed Security, Cloud, Business IT, and Print services