"Take an App for that and see me in a Month!" The Rise of Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
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Irshad Siddiqui MD, Chief Health Information Officer, Blessing Health System

XOs today are challenged with creating a digital front door for our consumers. As the role evolves from operational IT to strategic partnerships with business and clinical realms, CXOs should become adept at horizon scanning of different...

Talking about Thinking Machines
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Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, IDC

As the market for intelligent applications and the software platforms used to build them has emerged over the last few years, there has been a lot of nomenclature confusion. What should we call these applications and what should we call...

Artificial Intelligence Digitizing Offshore Oil and Gas
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is knocking on the doors of offshore oil and gas industry with a promising return on investments (ROI). FREMONT, CA: Offshore activities occur in waters of more than half the nations in the world. Wells are...

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can Deliver Human-Like AI
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Cognitive architectures deal with various aspects such as fixed memories, decision and learning mechanisms. It’s analogous to trying to understanding the structure of the mind. FREMONT, CA: Developing an automated system or a robot...

Can the Emergence of Artificial General Intelligence Bring Machines to Life?
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The incorporation of cognitive architecture models in AI has birthed novel branches such as artificial general intelligence (AGI), which can potentially lead to the development of human-like AI. FREMONT, CA: Developing a human-like robot goes...

The Essential AI Technologies
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FREMONT, CA – The technological boom of the twenty-first century has rocketed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to new heights, forcing organizations to clamor for best talent and skill in these fields. However, the...

Role of Dynamic Spectrum in Connected Cars
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FREMONT, CA: The primary challenge for the connected cars is the availability of sufficient electromagnetic spectrum for smooth and uninterrupted communication with other entities or better known as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications....

AI's Role in Customer Experience
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FREMONT, CA: AI offers enormous prospective in managing customer interactions and remarkably improving customer engagement and customer experience (CX). Unlike others, CX can be hard to manage, quantify, and support as it is dynamic,...

The World of Robotic Process Automation
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Ananth Krishnan, Director Process Excellence (Digital Transformation), Land O’Lakes Inc.

Robotic Process Automation – the term conjures up images of robots magically doing many human tasks. Robots and process automation are not new to the industrial world. Industrial robots have increased productivity while increasing...

Is Traditional Knowledge Management Joining the Former Population of Dinosaurs?
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Thomas Wisinski, Chief Knowledge Officer, Haynes and Boone

Overview While there are many definitions of knowledge management and many things it governs, there is a slow-moving train approaching we can see from a mile away that we seem to deny its existence. All aboard the artificial intelligence...

Building a Cognitive Enterprise Architecture
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Josh Sutton, Global Head, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Publicis.Sapient

You can’t turn around today without somebody talking to you about the role of AI and cognitive in society, media, and specifically your business. It seems like everybody has an opinion about how you should be deploying AI solutions,...

How AI is transforming Energy sector
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Artificial intelligence is expected to boost the efficiency of renewable energy resources by automating operations in the wind and solar energy industries. AI is capable of making the energy system more intelligent and flexible. AI algorithms can...

Influential Technologies in Healthcare
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Technologies in healthcare allow computer scientists to do their work, such as heavy-duty analysis for data transfer, algorithms, and predictive analytics. Technology and healthcare can be combined to complement each other and ultimately...

Impact of AI and big data in healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence and big data are already being used in the healthcare sector. Cognitive computer systems, radiological diagnostics, surgical robots, and other robotic based systems are fields of application of big data and...

How Analytics and AI Will Reshape the Future of Banking
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Marc Andrews, VP Watson Financial Services Solutions, IBM [NYSE: IBM]

There are many areas of focus for banking that have the opportunity to be dramatically reshaped by the application of more advanced analytics, including cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two most prevalent ones are around...

Technology Transformation: Supply Chain 4.0 is Here
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Lisa Harrington, President, lharrington group LLC

Organizations that aggressively digitize their supply chains can reduce procurement costs by 20 percent, cut supply chain costs by 50 percent and increase revenue by 10 percent, according to recent Center for Global Enterprise research...

Machine Learning's Impact on IT Security
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AI has been a hot topic of discussion for a while now, inducing humans to speculate on the abundant opportunities that its development would bring in running businesses. But when it comes to the significant challenges that businesses endure, this...

Healthcare Technology Disruption and Networked Solutions
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Research and Data Analytics, ATI

Much of the world is focused on the latest sizzle of big data, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, augmented reality and machine learning. When you add a dose of predictive analytics, you have a promising and exciting formula for...

Machine Learning and its Needed Enterprise Framework to Survive
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Sol Rashidi, Chief Data & Cognitive Officer, Royal Caribbean International

Machine Learning is a core component under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence, a much publicized and popular discussion amongst executives in today’s board rooms. As a result, today’s market place is demanding technology...

Can Virtual Reality be the Answer to Paranoid Thoughts?
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Paranoia is like a virus that slowly eats into your brain till the only thing left is fear and hatred. Many people across the world suffer from various forms of paranoia, phobias, and psychosis. Unable to handle normal social settings, these...