Why should Banks Choose Digital Onboarding?
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To discover the benefits of digitalization in the true sense, banks need to overcome manual onboarding and opt for digital onboarding. FREMONT, CA: The banking sector is under a strong spell of digitalization. In a quest to convert banks into...

IT Auditing
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Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD, Director External Consulting and Audit, EFPR Group

Definition Elaborated Almost every training document defines IT Audit as “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology audits...

4 Ways to Build a Powerful B2B Customer Experience
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Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist, Author, Speaker, Blake Morgan

Let’s face it - customer experience has not always been the number one focus for most B2B companies. The truth is the mindset of companies in the space is changing with new technology and opportunities. Although most B2B companies...

AI's Role in Customer Experience
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FREMONT, CA: AI offers enormous prospective in managing customer interactions and remarkably improving customer engagement and customer experience (CX). Unlike others, CX can be hard to manage, quantify, and support as it is dynamic,...

Getting Customer Experience Right
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The race for the possession of customer experience is always on. Companies that create exceptional customer experience can set themselves apart from their competitors. Each time consumers interact with a company it leaves an impression. ...

How to Leverage Data Science to Provide Insanely Great Customer Experiences in Any Industry
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Dr. Mark Wang, Chief Data Scientist, Alorica

"Big data” frequently means different things in different discussions. Many times, people talk about characteristics of the data, such as the volume, velocity, va¬riety, variability or characteristics such as the complexity...

The Digitization of the Customer Experience
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Michael Cross, SVP & CIO, CommScope Holding Company Inc.

The demand for wireless and wired bandwidth continues to be a fundamental driver of CommScope’s business and I’m seeing three trends that have to do with the industries we serve. The relationship between customers and...

Predictive Analytics Key Component of Customer Experience Management
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Richard Barton, CIO, American Management Association

Statistics from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs indicate it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing customer. Considering that Marketing Metrics predicts the probability of...

Toshiba Elevates and Personalizes Customer Experience
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Bill Melo, Chief Marketing Executive, Toshiba America Business Solutions

Today, everyone expects the interaction with a smart device to be an intuitive, engaging and personal experience. We have all grown accustomed to intuitive, game-like apps that are simple to use and quick to master. This expectation was...

Establishing a Dynamic and Scalable Data-Driven Engagement Strategy
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Shenan Reed, President of Digital, North America, MEC

The evolution from CRM to CEM has given us scale and speed, allowing us to reach more people, better and faster. In the days of CRM, our targeting methods were raw and unrefined. You were a customer or not, you visited a store or you...

Three Ways Contact Centers can Shape Customer Experiences
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Preston Rogers, Assistant VP, Customer Contact Centers, Unum [NYSE: UNM]

  Contact centers may exist to answer customer calls, but these organizations can do a whole lot more than just pick up the phone. With new technology and more customer-centric analysis behind them, these hubs of conversation are...

The Intersection of Technology and Customer Experience in the Field: Getting It Right
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Claudine Bianchi, CMO, ClickSoftware

The on-demand economy has irrevocably changed the meaning of customer service. With new disruptive companies like Uber, Amazon, Netflix setting new standards in service expectations, business models are shifting to meet these new...

How Customer Experience is Getting in the Way of a Great Customer Experience
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Yasminka Nemet, Chief Marketing and CCO, MV Transportation

I've yet to meet anybody in any size organization that does not believe the “customer experience” must be at the center of every decision in order to retain and grow revenue and improve profits. One needn't look far to...

Transforming Customer Experience with Information and Technology
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Jiunn Tan, CIO, Ascend One

In the era of media explosion, consumers are being bombarded by messages and advertisements 24/7 across all media and channels. Companies that could cut through the clutter by delivering excellent customer experience would be rewarded. The...

FizTrade: A Customer Experience Management Case Study
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Tom Grounds, CIO, Dillon Gage Metals

Customer experience management (CEM) plays an important role in the successful implementation of technology that directly affects how customers interact with global organizations. Also known as UI/UX, it can be defined as the practice of...

Customer Engagement Management and Technology
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Manuel Bautista, CIO, Harvard Maintenance

Customer experience management (CEM) is the practice of managing and improving an organization’s customer touch points and interactions. The goal of this process is to help find and foster the real differentiators between you and...

Does your Unified Communications Services deliver a Quality Experience?
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Thomas Magg, CTO CEM, VP Business Development, Spirent Communications

Most providers of Unified Communications Services have similar objectives at a high level. They want to attract users, maximize profit, deliver a satisfactory experience, quickly resolve quality issues, and engender brand loyalty. From a...

OpenText: Informed Decisions for Better Customer Experience Delivery
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Mark J. Barrenechea, Vice Chairman, CEO & Chief Technology Officer

A digital workplace has to be more than an intranet. Enterprises now require an employee experience platform (EXP) that can integrate, evolve, and expand to be customized for smarter collaboration and communication. Established in 2011, in Nashua,...