Next-Generation Business Intelligence Tool Revolutionizing Supply Chains
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An interactive platform is transforming supply chains with a robust analytics solution, making real-time visibility and actionable insights feasible.   FREMONT, CA: A leader in Enterprise Logistics solutions and services for the...

Emerging Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends
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Over the years Business Intelligence (BI) has revolutionized for bet­ter, and data too became big. With the advancing complexity of the BI environment, the classification of trends and market develop­ments is a pivotal factor in efficient...

Leveraging Business Intelligence To Improve Business Operations
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Scott Strickland, CIO, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

What is the strategy that you follow at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to tackle the BI challenges? Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel company with 9300 properties. That’s about 940,000 rooms; think of the volume of...

Bust the myths of Self-Service Business Intelligence
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Raj Polanki, US Head of Analytics & Data Science, Wacker Chemical Corporation

As we all know that the main goal of Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is to empower the business and avoid IT being the bottle neck to the speed for insights from data. If you think your organization is successfully mastered the...

Features of an Effective ERP System
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FREMONT, CA: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are witnessing a gradual shift as enterprises are looking for ERP development in the cloud. ERP system using cloud services will be more efficient as cloud services will make...

BI: Disrupting the Legacy in the Animal Health Space
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Sachin Bahad, Associate Director, Merck

In the light of your experience, what are the major challenges that organization come across in the Business Intelligence space? I would like to say that Business Intelligence (BI) is a fast-growing space today, considering the need...

Making Data Visualization as part of your BI strategy
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Oliver Gomes, Director, Business Intelligence, Condé Nast

Business Intelligence has been around for a long time and has become a mainstay for most decision makers; however with all the technical prowess accomplished, it has not pushed the boundaries of data analysis. We are still limited to...

Business Intelligence - Pitfalls in the Data Drive Revolution
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Jeremy Tan, Director, CMS Holborn Asia

Business Intelligence (or BI) has now become an integral part of an organisation’s operations due to the rapid advances in big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Organisations can now combine their existing data...

BI Tools Driving Business Growth and Efficiency
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Business Intelligence comes across as an indispensable set of solutions and practices that can empower businesses and push them towards better outcomes. FREMONT, CA: Making sense of the vast amounts of information that businesses these days...

4 Emerging Analytics and Business Intelligence Trends
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It is increasingly essential to leverage advanced technologies and approaches to cope with market competition and digitalization. FREMONT, CA: Over the years Business Intelligence (BI) has revolutionized for better, and data too became...

Increasing Your Bottom Line with Predictive Analytics
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Rich Jolly, VP Analytics & Strategy, Avamere Family of Companies

Iroutinely speak with C-Suite executives who complain of the high cost and limited (or no) business benefit from data scientists. This feedback, along with the daunting task of determining how to get started, might deter even the most...

The Need to Evolve Business Intelligence Within an Enterprise Setting
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Frederique De Letter, Director Data Intel & Enterprise Information Mgmt, Dominos

The last couple of years we all have experienced a wave of disruption across multiple dimensions, i.e. people, process, data and technology, representing an interesting challenge for organizations to embrace and turn those into an...

Big Data and BI: Transforming the Capital Markets Ecosystem
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In the capital market, big data plays an incredibly significant role. Companies are readily investing in big data and BI solutions to stay competitive. FREMONT, CA: Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin to support trade choices with their...

7 Salesforce Technologies and Trends Game Changers in Digital Transformation in 2019
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Alejandra Teran, Director of the Salesforce Center of Excellence Freddie Mac. Salesforce Ranger & 4X Certified

My journey with Salesforce started about 15 years ago, where it was just a subscription-based CRM and the company was still private. At the time, I was looking for a flexible and scalable platform to build a new BI/Sales Operations...

Application of AI and BI: Are They Similar or Different
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Artificial intelligence and business intelligence are becoming indispensable technologies for enterprises. The importance of these technologies can be understood from the way these have caused efficiency and growth in businesses. A proper...

Key Factors To Be Constantly Monitored To Drive Business Competency
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Fueling every entrepreneur's dream to bag the top market position, business strategists and competency analysts have discovered an effective and promising business management method. Along with outcomes analysis and operational fluency, the...

Quality Tracking For Agile At Scale
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Jonathan Alexander, CTO, QASymphony

You can ignore this article unless you want your software development organization to grow, or go faster, or both. That might seem provocative, but the truth is that many organizations are fine as they are. They are satisfactorily...

Business Intelligence: ML and AI are the Key Factors
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Are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence restricted to just the buzzword territory or are industries deploying these technologies to take its advantage? What is ML? ML is a subset of AI, a software application that learns from the data the...

Role of IoT in Improving ERP Solutions
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Technological advancements have become ubiquitous across all industrial verticals, redefining their mode of operations. Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that has flourished the most among industries after artificial...

Engaging Methods of Content Marketing for Business Development
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Content marketing is at the heart of digital marketing campaigns, behind any great business there is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that connects the organization with its consumers. Content marketing is important because...