2 Business Strategies to Balance Data Privacy and Personalization
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Amidst growing concerns over data privacy, enterprises need to establish clear policies that empower customers to choose the desired level of personalization. FREMONT, CA: Personalization is gaining grounds in the market space with the brands...

How Video Streaming Platforms Secure Their Content From Piracy?
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Technology backed-solutions for anti-piracy policies prove to offer greater relief for video content creators. FREMONT, CA: With the start of the digital era in the media and entertainment industry, the popularity of digital content has become...

Advanced Tech Helps Close the Door on Fraud
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Kathleen Peters, Experian’s Senior Vice President and Head of Fraud & Identity, Experian

Technology has advanced in a such a way that it’s made our lives significantly easier. We can purchase nearly any product imaginable from our smartphones, share and store pictures on the cloud, and become a self-proclaimed expert on...

Battling Security Breaches with IoT Testing
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The rapid development of IoT has created a necessity for product testing, and it is crucial to identify and fix security breaches before they occur. FREMONT, CA: Many obstacles need to be dealt with while designing and developing the new...

Bankers to Defend against Botnet Attacks with Proactive Prediction
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Developing as today's most critical threats to cyber safety, Botnets can now be reduced with an extremely advanced, strategized and result-driven predictive approach. FREMONT, CA: Today, in just a few seconds, thousands of botnets...

No to Frauds by Implementing ML
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Malware and fraudulent attacks are on the rise as the amount of data has exponentially risen throughout the web. Only way to tackle them is through the deployment of ML algorithms. FREMONT, CA: Online fraud is not as simple as people think, as...

Leveraging AI and ML for Detecting Financial Fraud
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FREMONT, CA: There is so much hype around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in fraud detection but has a long track record of being successful. Machine learning can learn patterns in datasets without the help of a...

Cyber Breaches Present Risks Beyond Loss of Data and Reputation
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Brian Thomas, CISA, CISSP, QSA, Partner-in- Charge, IT Advisory Services, Weaver and Tidwell, L.L.P.

The recent Marriott/Starwood data breach, which affected almost 400 million people, was just the latest in a year of bad news for CIOs. The year 2018 opened with new cybersecurity guidance from the Securities & Exchange Commission, and...

The Importance of Humans in Machine Learning- Based Fraud Systems
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Nitesh Kumar, Head of Data Science, Affirm, Inc.

Fraud detection is one of the most challenging prediction problems for a machine learning system. At its heart, machine learning for fraud identification is a complex function that maps a set of attributes (IP address, address match, name...

Leveraging Technology Tools for Efficient Fraud Detection
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Fraud has become a menace for companies across industries as it causes loss of trillions of dollars in a single year. According to a 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud survey by PwC, 49 percent of businesses had experienced fraud and economic...

Choosing the Right AI-based Security Systems
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According to the P&S Market research, in the cybersecurity marketplace, Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow to $18.2 billion by 2023. Though AI is at its nascent stage, many innovations help organizations to face...

How to be Smart About Online Payment System Security
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Digital payments system has grown increasingly over the last decades due to the growing spread of Internet-based banking and shopping. With the development of technology, the electronic payment systems, and payment processing devices are also...

Significance and Ways of Securing Industrial IoT Devices
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a key element that led to the advent of the fourth revolution of industrial automation. Integrating IIoT with Industrial control system resulted in the creation of a cyber-physical system which combines...

At the Forefront of Identifying Fraud and Misrepresentation
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Tim Grace, CEO

Digital Matrix Systems (DMS) has evolved from extensive roots in the credit industry into a comprehensive data management solution provider. Businesses that depend on data and analytical decision-making have trusted DMS for more than three decades...

Ways to Mitigate E-Commerce Risks
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E-commerce platforms have gained tremendous growth in the past decade resulting in many industries to go online. Online platforms have turned out to be a great source to extend the customer reach and enhance sales. Also, these platforms serve as a...

Purview of Blockchain in User Identification System
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User identification has become a part and parcel of life. Countries across the world have their own Ids for recognition but these are valid only nationwide and the need for universal Ids has emerged to fight against international terrorism,...

Protecting Businesses from Cyber Threats
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Business data is vulnerable than ever today. Cybersecurity is necessary for the efficient operation of the business. But it is also critical to protect the customer information by following information technology best practices to stay ahead of...

Fighting Fraud with Big Data Analytics
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More companies today are using IT systems to store and manage enormous business data pouring out of the burgeoning communication channels. As more business components and the real world environments embrace digital technologies, fraudsters too are...

Cybersecurity and Responsibility in the Organization
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Robert McFarlane, Chief Revenue Officer, Mosaic451

Data breaches are frequently followed by executive turnover and, increasingly, class-action lawsuits. Should the CISO reporting structure be changed to improve cyber security and breach accountability? Data breaches and the costs...

The Unexpected Upsides of Outsourcing Your Fraud Protection
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Rafael Lourenco, VP - US Operations, ClearSale

Every business that sells online has to be concerned with fraud prevention, because worldwide incidents of online fraud rose by 30 percent from 2015 to 2016. Just as online and mobile shopping are increasingly popular with consumers, these...