Making the Best Use of Public Cloud Infrastructures
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Waylan Johnson, VP, Cloud Architecture & Operations, SWBC

As a diversified financial services company, SWBC is always looking for a competitive edge with technology for the business world while maintaining the highest standards of security, compliance, and availability. In days long past, we...

How SQL-based ETL Optimizes Cloud Data Management
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New data lake ETL platform is making ML and big data analytics possible for organizations by replacing arcane data pipeline coding using Hadoop with simple SQL. FREMONT, CA: A rapidly growing big data startup and an Advanced Technology Partner...

Innovations Skyrocketing Enterprise Data Recovery
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New enterprise data backup software offers effective capabilities to recover data through backups.        FREMONT, CA: A recognized global enterprise software leader in the management of data across cloud and...

The Future of Delivering Legal Services: An Opportunity for Big Law
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Josias N. Dewey, Innovation Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

The legal industry continues to experience pressure on its traditional business model. These changes have left many firms seeking alternative ways to increase revenue. For some, the solution may be to match their subject matter expertise...

4 Things CIO Should do for Secure Cloud Transformation
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Cloud computing makes an organization more agile and responsive. FREMONT, CA: Cloud Computing has changed the way companies operate. IT rulers must increase their company’s agility, embrace cloud apps and facilities, and handle...

Moving Traditional Microservices into Service Mesh
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Polerio T. Babao III, Sr. Technology Architect, U.S. Bank

What is a traditional microservice? In the year 2000, the technology landscape was already following the three-tier architectural approach. The idea on how to migrate from monolithic applications to medium and large-scale companies has...

ZeroDown Software Collaborates with Infront to Empower Seamless Cloud Migrations
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Alan Gin, President & CEO

Specialized high availability solutions are essential for organizations seeking to migrate their operations to the cloud without causing significant interruptions. FREMONT, CA: Cloud migration is a challenging prospect for both small businesses...

Ways Different Industries Employ Cloud Computing Solutions
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Cloud computing has defined computer architecture development and expanded the foundational features for digital assets and innovative facilities. FREMONT, CA: Ever imagined why cloud service providers like Azure, AWS, and Google are becoming...

The Top 3 Benefits of Adopting Hybrid Cloud
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The adoption of hybrid cloud not only offers the optimization and scalability of public clouds but also enables organizations to achieve the security and reliability of private clouds. FREMONT, CA – Organizations across various...

CloudJumper and IGEL Announce their Partnership towards Future-proofing Today's Cloud-Powered Workspaces
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CloudJumper and IGEL have collaborated to facilitate secure and highly scalable cloud workspaces on any cloud, including AWS, private cloud, Google or Azure. FREMONT, CA: CloudJumper is a Microsoft named Windows Virtual Desktop partner. IGEL...

Microservices Do's And Don'ts
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Michelle Sollicito, Senior Lead Developer, IntegraConnect

A popular method of implementing APIs in .Net Core is through the use of Microservices. Microservices often make it easier to deploy and maintain APIs because each API runs in its own process (easier to scale up and down, easier to...

APIs and MicroServices for Competitive Advantage
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Kiran Kanetkar, Director - API & Analytics, Petco

Every organization irrespective of their size, has a touchpoint with digital products in this fourth industrial revolution powered by digital technologies. As the smartphone becomes an entry point for most customer journeys all CXO’s...

The Cloud, IoT, and Machine Learning - Leading to the Path of Opportunities
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Michael Spandau, CIO & SVP, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

What are some of the current market trends that you see shaping the IoT and machine learning space? Cloud computing, IoT, and machine learning are going to fundamentally transform the way we provide services to all corporations....

Dynamically Evolving VMware Environments
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Rafi Khan, CIO-Consultant at Riverside Community Care and Senior Consultant, Open Minds

Trends in the VMWare Space New generation technologies that manage smart flash-storage use in datacenters now provide better capacity scale and workload “throttle” capabilities. With mapped design decisions and logic...

VMware's Evolution in the World of Infrastructure
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Carlos Ramos, Director IT Infrastructure, MedAvante

The world of technology today continues to evolve faster than ever and not always in the ways we have figured. It’s hard to believe that VMware almost two decades ago revolutionized the technology industry and the world of...

Innovative Technologies Transforming the IT Infrastructure
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FREMONT, CA: IT network is a vital component of any modern business. IT has widened its role to include many expertise areas, along with data centers and server functionalities. Looking into the crystal ball it's obvious to see the effects of...

Blockchain: A Dominant Force in Cloud Communication
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FREMONT, CA: In 2018, the cryptocurrency industry encountered an enormous downfall resulting in the complete annihilation of hundreds of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). During deflation, the bitcoin prices dropped by 80 percent, and the currency...

7 Salesforce Technologies and Trends Game Changers in Digital Transformation in 2019
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Alejandra Teran, Director of the Salesforce Center of Excellence Freddie Mac. Salesforce Ranger & 4X Certified

My journey with Salesforce started about 15 years ago, where it was just a subscription-based CRM and the company was still private. At the time, I was looking for a flexible and scalable platform to build a new BI/Sales Operations...

Genymobile Reaches 4 Million Hours of Usage; Appoints New CEO to Drive Further Success of Flagship Product, Genymotion Cloud
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FREMONT, CA: Industry-leading provider of Android emulation solutions, Genymobile, has announced that its cloud-based Android emulation service, Genymotion Cloud has clocked more than 4 million hours of usage since its launch in November...

The Impact of Technology on Business Continuity Planning
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Nancy Valente, VP Enterprise Business Continuity, Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Business Continuity planners must consider all kinds of threats that may disrupt their business. The volume and force of natural disasters as well as cyber-attacks on businesses have increased. Although the list of potential threats...