Upgraded Smart Wearables for Senior Healthcare
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The third generation of wearable for seniors can now detect changes in daily activities and behavioral patterns, predicting the probability of health declines in advance. FREMONT, CA: The leading AI-powered preventive senior care platform,...

New AI Solution to Transform Business Decision-Making
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Analytics leaders are improving its AI solutions to help organizations make faster and more data-driven decisions.  FREMONT, CA: The pioneer in analytics, SAS, enhances its AI solution that will help organizations improve efficiency...

Emerging Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends
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Over the years Business Intelligence (BI) has revolutionized for bet­ter, and data too became big. With the advancing complexity of the BI environment, the classification of trends and market develop­ments is a pivotal factor in efficient...

How AI Tackles Reinsurer's Risk Environment?
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It is no secret that AI is a disruptive technology that is here to stay, with many use cases that can be applied to the reinsurance industry. FERMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been proliferating at a rapid pace in the insurance and...

4 Ways AI Transforms Banking CX
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AI-driven innovations are all set to transform the conventional CX while resulting in an efficient banking operation. FREMONT, CA: The widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software has modified the way buyers and banks have...

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare - Opportunity for All
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Richard Mackey, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Intalere

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a major opportunity for healthcare providers in our country that can be an answer to the growing public health crisis. The state of healthcare in the United States is at an inflection point and the imperative...

4 Must-Have Features in an Effective Order Management System
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The future order management processes will have to keep up with market demand and expectations to provide a holistic customer experience. FERMONT, CA: The growing demand for the supply of personalized goods, while maintaining existing prices...

3 Martech Trends to Eye on
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The advancements of marketing technology open intuitive opportunities for personalizing and improvising branding strategies.    FREMONT, CA: The rising demands for marketing technology show the impact of digital influences on...

AI's Breakthrough In Auditing
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Audit professionals are implementing (AI) Artifi­cial intelligence in surprising new ways. AI ena­bles a progression in accounting. The technology aids users in learning about the data it has been analyzing and identifying over time and...

AI's Slow Growth in Law Firms
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David Furey, CIO, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) have been all the rage among law firms and the technology companies that specialize in the legal industry. This matches a broader trend of using AI to solve problems in other...

4 Ways Neuromorphic Chips Power Industrial Revolution
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Neuromorphic chips are setting news goals for industries to move towards fruition.      FREMONT, CA: Inspired by the human brain, today, neuromorphic chips are used in various industries. Neuromorphic chips show the emerging...

Understanding and Implementing Data Collection and Analysis with Unmanned Aerial Systems
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Jon Amdur, Vice President, Senior Technical Manager, Kleinfelder

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), as well as other remote sensing techniques, are designed to obtain more accurate and cost-efficient data with greater safety. However, a reoccurring challenge has been the ability to embrace the tools to...

Mapping, Strategizing, and Implementing Streamlined Workflows
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Beth Schmidt, Director - Technology, Markel

Workflow can be defined as a sequence of tasks through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. A workflow can be visualized in a diagram or a checklist which helps ensure consistency. Once a workflow has been defined,...

Secure Workflow With Controlled AI
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Technology has passed through different filters of changes with the advancement of time, and today, AI has gained huge popularity as it has the potential to resemble human intelligence. And, at this very point, diverse opinions emerge regarding...

AI-enabled business transformation: Closing the gaps
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Shilpa Yelamaneni, Director of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Ecolab

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often – Winston Churchill.” As technological innovation both throws wide the doors to opportunity and ushers in threats at an ever-accelerating pace, perpetual business...

Don't Forget the Human Side of the Artificial Intelligence Equation
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James (Jim) Fox, Sr. Manager and Solutions Architect, Baker Tilly

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) age is here. The question has become: how are information technology leaders helping their organizations move successfully into this new world. AI is altering the way we query...

5 Techniques Sophisticating Image Recognition
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Much driven by the latest advances in machine learning and an increase in machine computing power, image recognition has taken the world by storm. FREMONT, CA: The latest technological advances have led to the development of new image...

IP Intelligence and Valuation in the era of Industry 4.0
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Andreas Iwerbäck, Director of Group IP Intelligence, Innovation & Technology - Husqvarna GroupNadel Phelan, Inc.

We are entering in a new digital era, also called Industry 4.0. All of us are now competing in the digital economy and needs to embrace digital transformation. Any company not realizing that it will risk becoming obsolete or see itself as...

6 Technologies Reinventing Field Service Management
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Field service automation leaves the door open to data collection, agile task management, and increased workforce resilience. FREMONT, CA: It's a regular agenda for field service executives to meet client expectations, harmonize field...

Enterprise Architecture - Rationalizing an Irrational World
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Thomas Feichtinger - Chief Enterprise Architect, Novelis Inc.

Does your company use just one system for all of its activities globally? In all locations? What about technologies (servers, network, etc.)? In my experience, very few companies have accomplished this, but some are certainly trying....