Automate Or Get Left Behind Advancing The Audit Function Forward
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Lesley W. Beasley Jr., IT Audit Director, International Paper

The Audit Methodology typically consists of a risk assessment, a planning phase, a fieldwork phase, and a reporting phase. The risk assessment is a very manual and tedious process which typically begins with face to face formal interviews...

Enterprise Architecture - Its Relevance and Importance
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Hiren Desai, Director Technology, Kaiser Permanente

Rapidly changing technologies are impacting business models, customer engagement models, development of products and services and overall business expectations. There is no room in this competitive environment for the one to two year...

CollabNet VersionOne Blends Agile management, DevOps, and Value Stream Management
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Users can now amalgamate Agile and DevOps workflows to handle value streams using the recent updates. FREMONT, CA: CollabNet VersionOne, an expert in enterprise value stream management, Agile management, Git version control, and DevOps,...

Digitalization in Banking: Restructuring Recruitment
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Digital revolution is sure to transition the bankers of tomorrow while banks uncover new ways to succeed. FREMONT, CA: Technology adoption has transformed conventional banking models. In line with this progression, banks are now...

AI Driven Automation Enhancing Workplace Performance
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According to a study, AI applications may contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Among a sea of current technologies AI certainly stands out in the race for automating the workplace. FREMONT, CA: The latest technologies...

Organizations are Going Agile, Open Source is the Main Actor!
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FREMONT, CA: It's hard to assess if an organization is agile. Companies are seeking to shift from traditional company to an agile company model where flexibility and fast reaction times are essential components— understanding that...

Learn How to Create an Agile Environment
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FREMONT, CA: Agility is considered the most critical factor for digital transformation, mainly when financial services are discussed. But what does agility mean for the businesses? There are numerous elements required to ensure an agile work...

Safety Should Be Embedded In The Lifecycle of DevOps to be Secure
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DevOps has reached a tipping point in this modern age. As per Gartner Research, half of all surveyed organizations stated that they are actively using it as a model for releasing and retaining custom applications. However, many organizations...

Technology Trends Driving Adoption of Collaboration Tools
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Andy Nallappan, CIO & VP Global Technology & Services Organization Broadcom Inc.

In the hyper-competitive global marketplace, CXOs need to enable and empower teams to work effectively in order for the business to compete and to retain top talent. In order to keep pace with competitors, companies require five things:...

Quintessential features of a digitally transformed supply chain
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FREMONT, CA: Empowering the business workflow by providing holistic operational insights supply chain helps industries in streamlining the processes, managing the inventory data, connecting the logistics, suppliers, consumers, manufacturers and...

6 Ways in Which Kanban Methodology is Driving Agile Project Management
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FREMONT, CA: If there is a guiding light for Agile project management, then Kanban is the Northstar project administrators turn to for direction. As a visual management tool, Kanban allows teams to get more done on demand without unnecessary steps...

Evolving Role of Quality Assurance in Today's Enterprise
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Yasar Sulaiman, Director of Quality Assurance, Everest Re Group

The role of Quality Assurance and testing in today’s enterprise technology teams have been evolving with the trends in the industry. Software Quality Assurance and testing can no longer remain a supporting function which is treated...

How to Develop Agile Enterprise Framework
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The advent of technologies inspired the enterprises to demand both fast and high-quality solutions in reducing the growing complexities that are associated with web development projects. Most of the businesses have started to embrace the agile...

How to Develop a Client-Centric Agile Enterprise Framework
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The advent of technologies made organizations to demand both fast and high-quality solutions in reducing the growing complexities that are associated with web development projects. Most of the companies started to embrace the agile framework which...

How is DevOps Different From Agile
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DevOps is trending in the IT industry and distinct from Agile. Before implementing any one of these two methodologies in any organization, there is a need to understand the basic concepts behind these methods. What is DevOps?...

How We Sharpened the Edge of Our Approach to QA and Testing
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Tanvi Gupta, Director of QA, Green Dot Corporation

It starts with a vision, a leader, and his/her execution team to manage the implementation of that vision. Today, QA departments are tasked with increasing efficiencies around the overall testing strategies in a two-week deployment cycle....

Employing AI in the Agile Environment: Pros and Cons
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Every business function is today transformed by Artificial intelligence (AI); this also includes software development. To accelerate the existing software development cycle, Machine learning can be used; AI can redefine the ways...

How Agility Impacts the Growth of an Enterprise
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Agile businesses tend to succeed drastically due to increased flexibility, and adaptability. Agility enables the enterprises to quickly accept and resist the alarming changes incurring in the organization’s natural working methodology....

From Traditional to Agile Software Development - Changing Culture, Processes, and Architecture
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Wayland Jeong, VP & GM Hybrid Cloud Business, Software Defined and Cloud Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Delivering working, tested, and deployable software on a continuous basis delights customers and gives organizations more visibility and adaptability throughout project lifecycles. But making this transition from traditional to agile...

How to Go Fast and Not Get Buried in the Dust
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Tanya Kravtsov, Director of QA, Audible

Agile model changed the way we deliver software. It requires more than adopting new processes like Scrum and DevOps - it requires a complete mind shift. While delivering software in small increments and receiving continuous feedback from...